Oregonmikes Bucket List

Bucket list’s….I’ve never done one…at least in a serious sort of way. My birthday is coming up in about two and half months and I will be 33….I feel older and not in a good way. I have joked about doing a bucket list and talked about it with friends occasionally ever since that movie came out and what we would put on it. Usually it was stupid random things that I cannot even remember; so they are not really bucket worthy then if I cannot remember them now are they?.

So this week I decided I am going to write a bucket list, my goal is 25 things…it may end up being more and probably will. However, I am not going to just sit and write a list off my head, I do not want it to be some spur of the moment thing…I want it to be something I really think about, that I think will have an importance and value in my life…and impact. A list of things that when I hopefully accomplish them all I can look back and go FUCK YEA I DID THAT!!!

I would hope that a few of these my dog Harley will be around for to do with me but since she is old, that is unlikely for most of them.

For those of you (and I hope there is not many) that do not know what a Bucket List is the oxford dictionary defines it as:  a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

So I am going to start this blog, with just a few that I already know of and as time goes on, I am going to add to the list. I am going to try and add pics also for each things I add so you all have a visual of what I want to do.  I am open for suggestions, things that I could or might want to consider doing.  So check back periodically and see what has been added.

…Oh and these are not in order of importance or in what order I will hopefully do them.

1. Go to Antarctica and walk with the emperor penguins. I love the cold and penguins are pretty cool. I always wanted to go to Antarctica….and maybe do the penguin dance from the movie Mary Poppins that “dick van dyke” did…just for shits.

Emperor penguins

# 2. Write and publish at least 5 more novels.



# 3 Go see the polar bears in Hudson bay or Northern Alaska
#4 Visit Frank Sinatra at his grave in California...even though I hate California

More to come……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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