College and being

This coming week at my college is “Non-Traditional student week. Now the college (GVSU) considers nontraditional as student 24 or older. I myself consider nontraditional student to be the only ones at my college that know what fuck they are talking about and have actual insight on something. Nevertheless, back to my point…or close to it, as I am willing to get.

Generally at most colleges for most students they have things like….well I don’t know WTF they do except party ad drink but I’ve heard there is a lot of things going on geared toward the kiddies and their interests and delights…social gatherings and what not. Well at my school for the older grownups, we have some really fun things planned and I would really like to know who came up with these ideas. Just because we are 24 and older does not mean we are dead and have no lives…generally are lives are busier and better than ANY 19 or 20 year old. I am not a big drinker…but at least I can do that legally and not have to worry about an MIP, being raped or knocked up by some dumb kid at a party that I’ve met 20 minutes prior, overdosing on some drug. Or the most important thing….deciding what pair of sweat pants and ironic t-shirt I will wear to school to prove and show the world I don’t give a shit, stopped showering and stopping caring.

But these are the things MY school has for us “old people”.


-A glucose and diabetes screening

– The Habits of Success: Developing a Plan You Can Stick ( now I think an ADULT generally has a better idea of this than a 19 or 20 year old….so wtf)




– A divorce recovery group

– Communication: it is more than just words(apparently they have not realized yet this is something you master in life and can’t learn in a class room)

– Men and Masculinity



– Powerful tools for the caregiver

– Women in politics



And there is a smattering of a few other weird pointless random things. However, this thing annoys me more than even the stupid kids at school; it is the inability for the people who run the college to even kind of relate to its older students at all. They do these things to alienate us older students from the rest of the student population…maybe not a purpose but it does. Most of the political groups and discussion are geared toward the kid and I think it is because we older people made up our mind on how we believe and do not need to be told what to think or believe or how we should (keep in mind I go to very liberal college). We also do not usually back down from our opinions either just to be politically correct. I do not see the school offering free STD testing or free classes on how to control your drinking problem or any slut prevention meetings for the kids that they seem to greatly need.

So not only do they make us take useless classes that we old folks know we do not need and will never use…we have to put up with this shit. It’s sad and embarrassing that this…these “activities” are the best the school can do for the older student who handle collage full or part time along with the complexities of the rest of our lives the kids can’t even begin to comprehend.


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