Details and endtrails

Another thing that chaps my ass when it comes to school and doing the whole peer reviewing bullshit is when some twit kid says “you use too much detail” when it comes to some of my writing. I have read their stuff and there pretty judgy since they can barely make a thought or idea obvious.

When some kid says, “You use too much detail” and taken with WHAT and HOW they write I see it like this:

-That they do not have the time or patience to read something long, complex and thought provoking.

-That they are unable to see or grasp the depth and unable to visualize the writing in their mind.

-That they are in fact lazy.

If I have the option of writing a 3,000-word paper, you had better believe you sweet tasty ass I will use every bit of those 3,000 words to make the best, most effective and thought provoking piece of crap I can whip out in a week. And I know for a fact  my wordy, detail rich, 3000 word piece of crap is better than there 750 word, ill conceived, juvenile piece of crap….but I won’t say that to them because they will cry.

If the douche bag kids have to sit in class that is 3 hours long and spend and 25 minutes JUST reading my piece then they can get the hell over it and deal with it, apparently that is the point of them being there. It is not my fault they do the bare minimum to get by and get it written as quick as possible with limited amount of talent and effort.

I do not write short things, I hate being limited by something like 750 words….it is annoying and beneath me. I write GD novels for fuck sake…not pithy little bullshit essays and fucking flash fiction.

Faulkner used so much detail in his writings it blew people’s minds. He created entire communities in his stories, detail rich and deep characters. James Joyce did the same thing in Ulysses one of the best novels written ever, also one of the most detailed books ever written. There are many other GREAT writers that write complex detailed works that are considered great….am I one of them….hell no…and never will be. However, it just goes to prove how lazy the younger kids are and how short their attention spans are that they expect people that know how to write to change how they write to fit their BS childish whims so they do not have to spend as much time reading whether for school or fun.

I will continue to use “to much” detail or whatever amount of detail I feel is appropriate for whatever I am working on…especially for that class…just to piss them off maybe. I am not a lazy writer by any means and have no desire to do so. The only person that has the right to say anything about my detail is my editor Kate.



2 thoughts on “Details and endtrails

  1. Heh,

    I ran into this too in my writing class last semester. Some kid during a peer review had the temerity to actually circle the word and ask me what “ethos” meant. One gigantic facepalm later, I get to the end of my paper and his final comment was “use words that people can understand”….oh ok….I’ll get right on that, who the fuck are you? James Clavell? fucking prick

    Kudos on the blog man….I love it…count me in as a fan

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