A dude and a dog on a road trip

This past Friday I had a meeting with a potential publisher for my book, which neither went good nor bad but is now a waiting game. My ever-faithful dog Harley went with me for the trip up to the northern part of Michigan. After the meeting, we had a 2-day road trip wandering around between Traverse City, mackinaw city and the Upper Peninsula. We love being up there and just enjoying nature and the fall in Michigan. We needed the getaway and the meeting gave the excuse to do that and relax and take our mind of the stress of our normal life that it has been lately. These are just a few pics that I took while we were up there.








Grand Traverse Bay









"hey dad...what are you doing"















"damn im tired"












" dad conned me into doing this with nummy snacks"













grazing like a cow


when i cropped this in a certain way it looked like a painting kinda


Wilderness state park


dad makes me climb weird shit




a big damn rock


"get in bitch im driving now"



mackinaw bidge













Wilderness State park bay












"and im out peace man"


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