Harley, writing, airlines and roadtrips

I should be going to bed right now but I am not. I have class in the morning but am irritated than normal 3:04 am on a Monday morning. Soooo…this coming December I am hoping to take a road trip out to the Oregon coast with my dog Harley. I really need to be there right now, if I could drop and go today I would be out there but my commitment to college tells me otherwise.  I love the Oregon and Washington coasts in the winter it is my favorite time to be there and I want to be out there when I start writing my next novel and get some good writing vibes.

First, I was going to fly, rent a car, hotel and all that business. Then I decided to drive since it was cheaper to drive my own car 3,500 miles roundtrip than fly AND rent a car AND pay for a hotel for a week. The  price war and cost tag for this trip is waging a battle in my head with my personal budget since December is a few months away PLUS I have a long weekend in Florida (with my sis and niece) to see my mom in November for thanksgiving next month. I have told my family to not expect boo shit from me for Christmas this year…since I am not planning to be here and cannot afford buy many presents if I do still go to Oregon.

Harley going for a ride

The whole reason I am going to drive is that I want to bring my 10-year-old dog Harley. It has been a long time since we have been to the Oregon coast together…6 or 7 years I think. It used to be her favorite place but now I think it is a soft bed or a couch in her older age. When I went out there before for coffee business stuff I generally flew(to Oregon) unless I would go just to Idaho for the same reason and then I drove a few times and she did come with me for those a couple of times. But Harley has never been on plane and have always refused to do so for health reason and I’ve heard dogs freezing and dying…true or not I never wanted to take a chance on it with by bestest of friends….

…. Recently however for this trip to Oregon, I have looked into flying and bringing her on the plane being assured its safeish. SO then, I looked into the rules and restrictions. I was surprised to find out that the weight of the DOG plus the weight of the cage cannot exceed 100lbs on airlines…WHOSE STUPID IDEA WAS THAT…apparently people with German shepherds, mastiffs and other big dogs do not travel by plane. Now since Harley is about 75lbs already plus her cage, pillow bones and toys that would travel with her the weight would be well over the lbs limit. THEN I saw the prices they charge the cheapest was 150.00USD and the most expensive was 250.00USD now these are just for the airline that travel from where I live in Michigan to Seattle or Portland Oregon….so flying is definitely out.

So now if I go I will be driving…which should be interesting since I will be driving my car out west through like 4 mountain chains all the way to the ocean and back. I will not be taking the way I normally take out west if I do go which is highway 2 (the best drive ever) because …Well the road sucks ass in the winter for the most part since it’s a 2 lane highway almost all the way out and skirts the Canadian border more or less. Therefore, we will see…it all depends on how the next month goes I guess. The road trip itself is part necessity and part research for my next novel; even though I have done the trip many times I need to do, it again for the purpose of writing and it has to be a road trip. If I really want to be accurate in my writing for the novel, I should take the chance and drive highway two in December or wait until the weather is better and drive it…..crap.

Why does the airline industry hate dogs


2 thoughts on “Harley, writing, airlines and roadtrips

    1. Well thanks, she is not always that lucky but i do try my best to bring her with me on trips, i find they are not the same without her along, but some places she would not have as much fun at like chicago and big cities. Harley is very much a fan of woods and open areas to sniff and play in. Maybe your people will bring you someday. I love Oregon just out of curiosity where do they go when they are, me and Harley both love Oregon. Thanks for the comment bongo

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