Gunna be one of those weeks


Takin a break for a second to do a quick blog to update the interested… things have been…well strange lately lots of personal things, school things and the always present novel writing. This week in particular is going to be tough one…hell the next 2 will be. I have an exam in math on Thursday, an exam in my Russian language class also on Thursday and also a 1000-2500 word “creative non-fiction” paper due on that same Thursday day.

Now I am not one of those college kiddies that will lobby a professor to change the date of an exam because of all the other “stuff going” on in their lives. I’ve got more going on than 95% of the 18-21 year olds I go to college with and I don’t like to use my grown up life as an excuse for not being able to get things done. I just have to be very organized for this week.

At school

Also I am about done tinkering with the FINAL chapter (41) of my novel so I can send that to my editor Kate to join the rest she is already hard at work editing. I have a meeting on the 21st in traverse city with a potential publisher, so for the next 2 weeks I will be hot and heavy into re-writes(hopefully not too much though) and also the school work. I worked today and yesterday so that took away some time I would have rather spent studying and writing but it had to happen.

I am looking forward to getting up north in 2 weekends with my dog and enjoy the color change up there after my meeting. I wanted to go up to the UP around Munising but I think due to time constraints I will not be able to make that long of a drive (only got a 3-day weekend). I hope that I will be able to make a trip jump over the mackinaw bridge and maybe drive up to paradise and white fish point. I suppose I will have to see how the color change reports are before I go however. Otherwise ill stick around the Traverse City, Petoskey and mackinaw area and then just do a real quick drive over the big mak bridge just because it is there. The last few weeks have been hard for a many reason that I care not getting into and maybe a little road trip will be good. Maybe on the way back home I will be able to stop and see my friend Amy and her son for a bit.

PLUS i need to make sure i get more time in this week to take Harley for her walks that she loves so much, this past week we did not get out as much as we would have liked…her or I

Oh and BTW go Detroit lions and go tigers!!!!!!!!!!

getting worn out







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