deep sigh

Breakups are hard…young or old…..they are never easy. It sucks however being accused of using someone because you chose to end things instead of fighting about stupid things and fighting for something that wasn’t working and hadn’t been for a while…Hope only gets you so far. I did what i believed in my heart to be the right thing for both of us. I am sorry if that hurt someone and I’m sorry other people got involved, i knew it would happen but it was never my intention. I suppose in the end I and I alone will always be the only who understands fully why i do things the way that I do….i suppose that is the way it will always be.


2 thoughts on “deep sigh

  1. Perhaps if the person he was with wasn’t such a psychotic paranoid delusional crazy nutjob who actually believed he was having an affair with every woman he spoke to who was NOT her? Ya.. OK then!

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