Update on college…and stuff


This is has been a rough start to the new school year for me. I am only two weeks in and have missed a few classes already. I would love to say I am not getting enough sleep or blame something in particular. However, I have been doing an ok job at managing my time and using as much as needed for studying and managing to get at least adequate sleep for me, which is 5 hours or 6 on a good day. Coffee at night with my friends consists of me studying, while they are talking or doing their own thing with occasional input from me, conversations while we are outside smoking. Today I thought I had my lab for my math class…only to get to school and run into the TA that runs the lab to find out I missed the regular class and we didn’t even have lab today….so now I missed math class that I NEED and I’m sitting at school with nothing to do until 6. I feel…like a car that has lost its breaks…or its steering wheel…a ship without a compass…like I’m stuck in my own Bermuda fucking triangle. So now, I sit listening to Christmas music of all things because for some reason Christmas music makes me feel better…weird huh.

Now it is raining and my laptop is getting wet….dammit

 I am in a funk an obvious funk….with school, my life, my writing and there are many reasons why I am in this funk…or could be… that I will not go into…but I am nonetheless. I intended to make this a more informative blog…but I lack the drive right now to do so. Fall cannot get here soon enough… Have a grand day

I took this in Cannon Beach

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