Banning Books in School

I was reading an article today about the new books schools are banning or wanting to ban. Its really very sad and really very stupid. In the article, they said the book Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut was banned at Republic High School in Republic, Mo. I am 32, and as any follower of this blog knows am back in college as an adult…but real college not some crappy online college. Moreover, I just read this book this summer in my American lit 2 class at GVSU….and I hated it. HOWEVER, I do understand why it is considered to be great American literature of the postmodern era.  I remember way back in the day when I was in elementary school people were talking about banning the adventures of huckfinn by mark twain because it said the oft used N word.  

Books….i don’t know…open people eyes to a world beyond the one they are taught, told and shown. It gives us as readers a broader view of the perceptions of others. Reading makes us better people, stronger and smarter people they keep us from having tunnel vision…and to take those opportunities away from teens is an embarrassment and hurts their futures. The schools and the parents supporting this should be embarrassed.  It’s not the 1950’s any more kids are doing drugs, drinking and fucking in their early teens and sometimes sadly sooner….But this will not change…However I am not condoning it by any means.  However, to shield teens from books, containing ideas and issues regarding sex, racism, homosexuality, murder, abuse and other “touchy issues” isn’t going to make those issues go away and disappear. I think it would be better to have these things accessible so the teens can read them and then have an adult to answer questions for them, someone who is not their parents someone who is educated on the subject and not operating on fears and misconceptions. I know the parents love to say, “Well those are things we as parents should be talking to our kids about and not have them learning about them in school and reading about them”.  And I suppose that would be great if that were to happen at all or happen in a effective manner and done in a smart way.

And while these parents are fighting to have these “horrid” books banned, their daughter s are giving blowjobs and having threesomes to any guy that she can find and their sons are out binge drinking and beating women….while their parents  are bickering about a damn book. Its seems that most of the books that get banned are banned after people who have never read them and are too simple minded to grasp what the story and the author is really trying to say. In the adventures of Huckfinn people pissed and moaned because it uses the word nigger (yes I said it this time get the fuck over it)….however they are not smart enough to understand the social problems that mark twain was writing about in the south and how stupid rich white people were..Or are. They are so focused on that one word and wanting the book banned or edited because of that ONE word that they completely ignore, forget or are too stupid to get the bigger more important story and bigger ideas behind the book.

What if kids were told to read the Christian bible, the Qur’an and the Torah in a religion class in high school that taught about all the major religions or at least as much as possible within a semester. But not do it to change their own religious beliefs (if they even have their own non parent forced beliefs)  but to educate them on the differences between the 3 major religions. Too, show them what these often-referenced books actually say so they have a frame of reference when the religions bicker, bitch, fight, and grownups say stupid shit. Therefore, they can at least slightly understand about other peoples, religions and cultures built around these religions. I’m not saying to do this for equality and peace on damn earth but just for knowledge…For the education sake of it. So when some white middle class 16 year old hears his parents or an adult call Muslims terrorists or Christians crazy bigots that he or she at least knows his parents are uneducated idiots and morons. In addition, does not just automatically buy into his parent’s dumb false beliefs and craziness like children of the Arian nation do and the psychos in the KKK. The NAZIS banned and burned books too….by the way!!! Like those stupid Christians that burn those stupid harry potter books because there from the devil apparently its just stupid to burn a book out of ignorance and hate.

Christians buring harry potter and other books













I found this while looking for some incite for this blog


What are the world’s most important religious books?

The top six most important religious books we can start with the Bible, Qur’an, and Torah, what other books are widely renowned?


Brett Williams, Pentecostalism, Mormonism & New Relig…

I would argue that the most important religious books are interpretive texts like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Hadith texts about the Koran and the Prophet’s life and the Midrash and related texts on the interpretation of the Torah.

These texts are far more complex and varied, but provide a far clearer picture of what a religious tradition actually believes. These are the texts that make arguments that separate religious denominations, that determine political and religious alliances and determine day to day practice of a religion.

A blanket term like ‘Christianity’ doesn’t even come close to describing how complex the rifts and bridges are within this religious movement. There is no one Christianity, just as there isn’t one Islam or one Judaism.

Interpretive texts, especially interpretive texts that are closely followed, are the real determinant of how a religious group will behave.





I am the least tolerant person I know except for the SUPER Christians they are worse than me…well some are lol, I am constantly bitching about people and their flaws but I am a big believer in education and especially reading, and expanding your mind and views. I think by taking any books away, which are known or thought to be great pieces of literature from teens the schools and parents are doing these kids a disservice that borders on mental abuse and neglect.  I know from first hand experience the books these school districts ban are taught in colleges around the country… by NOT giving these kids a taste of these books, something , anything they are going to college even more unprepared and that seems to be an issue around the country.

I read this original article about the book bans

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