A Dogs Day Part 4

A Dogs Day Part 4

By: Michael Melville

Central Park, New York City

April 2011




Sam Johnson and his wife Laura had promised there three kids when the weather got better they would all go to central park and spend the day there. The kids had been cooped up inside all winter long and needed fresh air and room to run. The had gotten there earlier before noon after taking the train in from New Jersey where they lived.

Sam was a lawyer and his wife was a substitute teacher. His oldest son Sam Jr was 8, Tara and Scotty who were twins were both 6. Sam grew up in the city and often had clients in his hometown he met with. He and his son Sam Jr. were Yankees and Giants fan, but his wife was Patriots fan since she was from Boston. The twins could have cared less about sports for the most part but played soccer which threw both there parents a little.

As Sam pushed the last of his three children up a tree and a dozen or so foaming and crazed dogs ran towards him, he silently wished he decided to stay in New Jersey for the day. It had stared an hour earlier on the opposite side of the park from where they sat. As they laid on there blankets in a wide-open green space and the kids played they heard a loud howl, then loud barks and screams; soul killing screams.

The park was busy since it was a spring Sunday in New York City. As Sam and Laura’s children huddled closer to there parents, everyone around them looked in fear in the same direction. Not long after the howls and barks there was gunfire from that direction. They could here police sirens from the all around them begin blaring in what seemed to happen all at once. As people started to stand and slowly move, panic began soaking through the humans. Sam’s fear was that he and his family were in the middle of a terrorist attack.

As Sam starred across the park to see, what was going on he suddenly heard his daughter Tara scream. As he turned to see what scared her, his wife picked up there daughter and covered her eyes. An older man, who was sitting not fifty yards away from the family was being torn apart by two black Labradors; a piece of his face and throat were already missing as blood shot out of the open wounds. Not ten minutes earlier his oldest son had been playing fetch with these very same dogs. Sam had petted these animals himself and they seemed just fine, and certainly not the vicious killers they looked like now. He looked a little farther past and was shocked when he saw two cocker spaniels dragging what looked to be, but he hoped was not and infant. A few feet away a bleeding young mother dragging herself over the grass towards the dogs and infant…they were hers.

Suddenly people were running towards Sam and his family from the far side of the park. It was then that he saw what they were running from, dogs. Moreover, not just a few dogs but hundreds of dogs, all crazed, foaming an wanting to kill. Sam and his wife grabbed there kids and ran. As they ran a women who was sweaty from running and crying with fear had a pit bull on a leash and was running next to them. “Get that dog away from my family you bitch, the dogs are sick” Sam yelled


“I don’t know what’s going on man, Hercules is ok though,” the women cried as she looked down at her dog who ran but kept looking behind him.


Sam was not in the mood to argue, angled the other way away from the women and her dog, and headed towards some tall rocks. Behind them, the army of dogs got closer and Sam could see people, men, women and children being mowed down and slaughtered by this attack killer pack. The screams and cries covered the park as blood stained the green grass. As they climbed the rocks, a mounted police officer on a brown horse shot out threw some trees. On his back was a white poodle whose teeth were dug into his neck, the poodles white hair was now covered with splotches of red. The officer fell from his horse and was soon completely  covered with crazed dogs fighting each other for flesh and meat.

Once the family had gotten to the tops of the rocks they walked along them for about fifty feet when behind them they heard growls and barks. Sam turned to see at least six dogs looking at them. The family began running as fast they could for some trees up ahead when a golden retriever came out of nowhere and tackled Laura down and off the rocks. The women and the dog landed in a heap 20 feet below on rocks and a few moments later a group dogs pounced on the women who kicked and fought with all she had. The screams of her children and husband were the last thing she heard. Sam picked up his two youngest kids and ran as fast as he could with Sam Jr. leading the way. They came to a large thick tree and Sam jr. began climbing up. As there father began lifting Scotty up the tree her heard growls behind him. He pushed Scotty up to his brother as hard as he could and then picked up his daughter who was crying and spun around.

In front of them a mere 30 feet away was at least 15 dogs of various types, there eyes full of hate and anger, teeth snarled and bore. Sam pressed his back to the tree and looked up quickly at his two children above him. He would not let his daughter die even if that meant ending his own life. To his right he heard more growls and then saw the same pit bull he had seen with the women just a few minutes earlier, next to it was a massively large bullmastiff. They were only 10 feet away and in Sam’s mind, he knew this was it when suddenly the two new dogs launched themselves between Sam, his daughter and the large pack of dogs that were inching closer. The two new dogs seemed to be protecting them as they lowered there haunches and bore there own teeth at the group of dogs.

Sam, in one fast movement lifted his daughter into the air too his oldest son who grabbed her hands and hauled her up the tree. The children screamed for there father as four dog from the pack shot forward towards them. He picked up a large branch, swung and landed the bulk of it down on the head of a dog from the pack as it got closer. The pit bull and the mastiff quickly tore into and killed the other three but not without being bitten on there own. The two “friendly” dogs backed up closer to Sam, seemingly to protect him. Sam who was not a climber or a strong man turned and climbed the tree, struggling as he did. As he tried to worm his body up the tree trunk to his crying children, a few more dogs from the pack came forward. One dog threw itself against the tree and caught Sam’s pant leg in its mouth, just to be taken down at the throat by the pit bill who launched itself at the attacking dog. The two dogs wrestled and fought until the attacking dog laid bleeding to death on the ground and the pit bull backing away.

Sam got up the tree and huddled with his kids and trying to shield there eyes. He watched these two dogs, one of which he himself accused of being dangerous stand at the bottom of the tree and fight off this smaller pack of dogs. All around him, he could see people running while being chased by the hundreds of crazed dogs in central park. People fought as hard they could but for the most part were helpless against the large numbers of “mans best friend”. Bodies were lying all over the park; families and couples literally tore apart and killed or left for dead. “What the fuck is going on?” Sam said aloud as he began crying, the fate of his dead wife now hitting him.


Daddy I’m scared, where’s mommy. Is she gunna be ok?” Tara his youngest daughter asked as tears ran down her dirty little face.


Sam looked over at his oldest son not sure what to say. The boy nodded at his father in silent reply and smiled and then said “I’m sure mom is safe now Tara, just hold on to the tree and don’t fall and we will see her again” then looked back at his father who nodded in a silent “thank you”. Sam Jr. had a way with his little sister and she trusted him. Scotty had been quite and appeared to be in shock, his head buried in Sam Jr’s chest.


As Sam sat with his kids in tree he pulled out his cell phone and called 911, he got an automated message. He new the emergency lines were probably overrun with phone calls, maybe from all over the city. He looked down at the two dogs who still sat growling and barking at the few remaining dogs from the pack that were in front of them. He was not sure what was wrong with all these dogs, what set them and why they went crazy…let alone crazy enough to kill. He was more confused and he did not understand why these two dogs seemed unaffected by whatever set the other dogs off.


He could see other people, in trees all over the park. They were like his family and were lucky enough to reach somewhere high off the ground; so many others though were not. He saw packs of dogs fighting over torn apart humans. They ran all over the park in large groups, barking and howling as they ran. The pack below seemed to get bored or tired of being fended off by the pit bull and bull mastiff and backed away barking and then took off running, Sam assumed they would find easier pray somewhere else. He expected the two dogs that were protecting them to run off also, but they did not. Even though they were bleeding in places they looked up and wagged there tales happily. The pit bull and bullmastiff sat at the bottom of the tree for hours, occasionally standing up and growling as crazed bloodthirsty dogs ran by.

All over the city, Sam could hear people screaming, gunshots fired, and dogs barking and howling. Eventually Sam had gotten through also to 911 and told them he and his kids were in a tree in central park. He also let them know that two dogs were protecting them from the wild crazed dogs that roamed and prowled the park and city. Overhead he saw helicopters all over trying to get a glimpse of the terror on the grass and streets below. Occasionally he saw people slowly walking across the park and through the trees. Some even had other “unaffected dogs” by there side of various types.

It was nearly five pm and would be dark soon and cold again. Sam did not want his kids to spend the night in the park let alone up in the tree, especially with the other dogs still around somewhere. He carefully slipped down from the tree and slowly approached the two dogs and rubbed there heads who licked his hand in return. Sam knew he could not make it alone with his kids all the way to there SUV parked near to where they were. The two dogs sat watching Sam who was looking down at them. He bent down as the dogs came closer and licked his face. Sam’s children laughed from the tree above.


You two wanna come with us” Sam said looking at the dogs carefully and immediately feeling foolish for talking to dogs as if he was talking to a person. The two big female dogs stood up and wagged there tails as if they were saying “yes”. Sam smiled and hoped silently that he was making the right choice. Then he looked up at his kids and said, “Alright guys, common down these two are coming with us. I think we need there help and I think we will be safer with them around”.

Sam Jr nodded in agreement and Tara smiled nervously back at her dad but said nothing. Scotty though said no and refused to come down if the dogs were around. Sam offered to carry his youngest son, which seemed to appease the boy enough so he would willingly come down. The children climbed down slowly and carefully from the tree. The family slowly made way 200 hundred yards to where Sam had parked, following the tree line and staying in the shadows as they walked. Occasionally a few crazed dogs ran near to them so the family quickly hid behind trees but were always guarded by the two large dogs. Once they got to there SUV and looked for other dogs hiding, Scotty jumped in the front seat. His sister Tara and older brother Sam Jr. jumped into the far back seat. Sam stepped on something soft and froze then looked down to see what it was. It was a child’s toy, a fake baby covered in blood; he shook his head and ignored it.

Sam glanced down the New York City sidewalk and saw a large pack of “crazed dogs” running towards them quickly. The two dogs protecting them growled and bore there teeth at the approaching pack as they stood shoulder to shoulder next to the SUV, which had an open door yet. There must have been at least 40 dogs coming towards them, there were no other humans in sight other than pieces. Sam whistled as he got into the drivers seat and the two dogs looked at him and then jumped into the open seat. Sam Jr then slammed the open door shut just as the head of the pack approached there vehicle. Three dogs launched themselves at the back of the SUV; cracking the glass window when they hit it and causing the kids in back to scream for there father.

“Everything will be alright guys, were getting the hell out of here” Sam said then he started the vehicle, shot off down 5th avenue, and hoped he would be able to get back to New Jersey. Wondering as he drove if they would be any safer there. As he drove, he saw other wild packs of crazy dogs chasing people all over the city. The humans ran frantically into anywhere they could in hopes of escaping. There must have been thousands of “crazed” dogs running in large packs through the city streets and in and out of buildings. He saw other dogs protecting humans also as he drove. Sam looked back at there protectors who seemed to be studying everything as Sam drove, they seemed anxious and nervous; Sam understood completely. He did his best not to stop and as fate would have it, there were not many other cars driving. He weaved in and out of stopped and crashed cars, some of which had dogs tearing apart the occupants.

His two youngest kids huddled on the floor crying for there mother. Their father drove and slowly made his way back to there home still not sure what to expect, but along the way it seemed exactly the same as it was in the city.


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