Going to the moon…nope going to mars. Part 2

The fact that no country besides the USA has put a man on the moon tried or even talks about it in my mind raises more questions and brings up interesting thoughts about the subject. Does no other country have a desire to put a man on the moon…I don’t believe that at all…I can read what people around the world say about going to the moon.

We keep sending landers and probes to mars we started doing it in the late 70’s one is there now, one just died and another is going up I think next year. These all have been tested very extensively on earth…great. BUT one would think the moon since it is in outer space and not earth it would give the builders, government and scientists a better ability to really test these things and see if they work well in a non-earth environment….then go right to mars with them.


first IBM computer with a the  first Microsoft operating system

What if Christopher Columbus came to the Americas and said “fuck it” after he left and said, “Been there done that lets find something new”. What if Microsoft said “fuck it” with the first version of WINDOWS and INTEL said the same thing at their first microchip design and neither one improved on that and said take it and use IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN we are done. That is kind of what NASA and the US government said about the moon after 73. They retreated back to near earth orbit and got scared too scared to keep going. It is a great example of the wussification of America that is also evident in school sports.  Man spent their entire existence looking up at the moon, wondering what it was, what it was made of, was it flat, was there life, why was is there was it made of cheese. THEN after thousands of years of scientific discovery, inventions and dreaming all that paved the way for humans to get to the moon WE FINALLY got there. The we dink around on it for a few years and give up and seemingly  are never going back.

ARES V in earth Orbit

We WERE going to go back to the moon with the Orion/Aries flights that then president Bush wanted but then Obama and his liberal space-hating friends scrapped it for a nuttier plan of landing on an asteroid. That makes NO sense to me and many people,

Oh what could have been

so we are NOT going to go somewhere we apparently went to several times before and should still know how to do it again. Instead, let’s try and figure out how to land on a moving and rolling rock hurling through space at hundreds or thousands of miles an hour that’s about 1000 feet or so wide or long WITH PEOPLE. THEN AND ONLY THEN we will be ready to go to MARS a planet….a big fat giant planet that’s easier to land on. TELL ME HOW THIS MAKES any fucking sense.

I think the president, government and maybe NASA are not telling us something, that or Obama has been watching far too many reruns of the movie Armageddon. Sorry, Obama, you are NOT Bruce Willis nor are you as badass as Bruce Willis landing on a flying space rock is not EASY!!!. I think sticking with a planet or the moon…would be far easier FOR NOW …what do I know I’m not a scientist or a stupid Politician…just a citizen that pays YOUR bills.

Is there any rational reason why we do not have an international moon base there with scientists that rotate living there for long periods…I see none. Other than the expense… but if, it is an international moon base supported technically and financially by many countries and private industry I see no reason why there cannot and should not be one. I am no geniuses but think it would be easier to launch mission to deep space and other planets from the moon then earth…and more cost efficient maybe.

For those of us that were born after the Apollo missions, we can only read about them, see the footage online and the movies Hollywood makes about them. But we dont feel attached to it anymore, a part of it, its not a part of us its history that sadly many have forgotten about. A few weeks ago I talked to a friends 10 year old kid who had no idea that we EVER landed on the moon, no idea about Apollo, mercury anything before the Columbia space shuttle explosion in 2001. He knew who Buzz light-year is but not Buzz Aldrin it sad, it’s sad for our country it’s sad for our history and sad for the educational system. However, from talking to older people that do remember the “space race” NONE of those things give us the excitement that the generation or two before us were lucky enough to see and feel. I understand they are thinking beyond the moon and we should definitely do that. Nevertheless, why just ignore the shining orb that looks down at us humans every night, why should it just be ignored, why should we just forget about it. It seems that the US government and NASA have gotten tunnel vision.

It cannot be THAT difficult to send men to the moon NOW in the year 2011 when we did it in over 40 years ago in 1969 with inferior and dangerous technology. Sometimes it seems that the more scientists, NASA and the “powers that be” find out about space that the more scared they get, the bigger wussies they become and stop being pioneers and adventurers.

I think going back to the moon NOW would be great thing not just for America but also for all the people of the world. I think it would be something that would be more exciting to people NOW than it was back then, considering how accessible information is. I think for people NOW seeing men or women land on the moon again would be great for our own and other space program that many people have grown bored with and tired of hearing about probes, pictures and nothing spectacular…I know many people that are devastated about the space shuttle program being shut down. If anything, it could lead the way to a truly global effort at space exploration making more things possible. NASA used to be exciting, going to space used to be exciting and I think…as Americans we need that feeling again, that excitement. It would still be a great accomplishment for NASA or even private industry to send people to the moon for a longer period, to do more, find more and see more. We could send people there for a week or more instead of just a few days like we did in the 70’s.

The moon is not going away and will  be there longer than any of us and when compared to the rest of space it is so close, so easy to get too and still a great accomplishment.

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