So I got home tonight from having coffee with my friend tim and my little brother verb. It was my first night after my last final exam for the spring/summer semester at GVSU and I got a late start since I took a late nap so I stayed out later then normal. I got home to my 11 year old dog Harley who is always happy to see me, tail wagging ass shaking all over and doing her weird snarl scrunchy thing she does when she gets real excited. So after getting ready for bed I got on the floor and gave her a belly rub and I hit that one spot most dogs have and she began kicking one leg and then both. It made me laugh and then made me wonder…does she even like this. Does any dog really like this or is it similar to when you tickle someone to the point they pee or nearly pee their pants. Do dogs really find this particular spot being rubbed or itched enjoyable…or does it make them want to…piss their pants…in a manner of speaking. I asked Harley what she thought and she gave me her typical head cock very mysterious answer….



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