A minor note….

Anyone who pays attention this blog knows a few things about me.

  1. That I am a writer…a fictional novelist…a teller of stories

  2. That I am not yet published but hopeful ( or am but under another name…ie ghost writing lol)

  3. That I am bitchy , angry and curmudgeonly (Google it if you don’t know)

  4. I am a former coffee shop owner

  5. That I am a full time college student now, majoring in creative writing

  6. That I love to drink coffee

  7. That I love to smoke cigarettes

  8. That I love nature

  9. That I hate grand rapids Michigan

10. That I love my dogs more than any kids

  1. And that I love Oregon and the Oregon coast especially

12. And that I am VERY VERY opinionated even when I am not right…especially when I am not right even because it completely frazzles people when I argue something purely for the sake of doing so and annoying people.  You say the sky is blue and ill say its green, red, black, taupe…anything but blue…(“they say taupe is very soothing) just to be an ass!!!

As I said, I am going back to college or continuing I should say and going for a degree in creative writing at Grand Valley State in crappy west Michigan. Recently it was suggested to me that perhaps I take up Photography. This has been suggested as a minor in college before to me most recently by my girlfriend. I never thought it more than hobby really. But as I look at some of my pics  I wonder…maybe.  Maybe my talents with words, ideas, coffee and coffee shops is not the only talent I have maybe photography is another.

So I wonder ….and I wonder and wonder some more. Should I do photography as a minor, it was suggested that it could be a nice compliment to my writing degree and useful maybe. On the other hand, should I just do it as a hobby something just for fun…would it be a waste of time and money to get a minor degree in photography when I know plenty of photographers who are successful in their own rite who have not gone to school for it.

So I ask the readers, the followers, my friends, the world  and whoever reads this or might….. What do you think I should do? I will post about SOME of my best pics or what I think are the best…(THEY MIGHT BE CRAP) just to aid you advice (keep in mind I have been shooting mostly with an iPhone lol and occasionally a real camera.

My Dad and Family at silver lake, michigan

A foggy day in chicago town
Hermes and Kat
From the John Hancock Building, Chicago at night
Fayette State Park
Limestone cliffs at fayetteOld house at Fayette
old house and my dog harley
crystal clear water
Harley on top of razor back
Lake Superior
rocks and iron

the gateway up to heavin and the way back down to hell
Multnomah Falls

Cannon Beach
Near sunset time at Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cape lookout oregon
off the beaten path
Indian Beach

Ecola state park
Haystack Rock
A river...a stream
The pond and clocktower



4 thoughts on “A minor note….

  1. I think its only a good idea if you want to do it… my only concern would be that you start taking the class and start seeing something you love to do as something you ‘have’ to do and begin losing interest….

    1. i would tend to agree i guess, like the writing degree is a more because i want to sort of thing, an achievement if you will. I don’t feel i need the writing degree to really make it as a writer…if anything i hope the classes will just help me become a better writer…refined i gues. With the photography it is in all reality a past time, a minor interest…im leaning away from getting a minor in photography but i may take a few classes to give me a better handle on the finer aspects of it. Writing will always be a primary focus of my life and career for the long term future…unless i open another coffee shop/stand lol. I suppose if i really wanted to even try progressing in the photography thing i need to stop shooting all my pics with a GD iphone and get a real camera lol.

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