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Music and Inspiration

Whenever I am writing I usually have headphones on and listen to music, it helps me write and gets me in a specific mindset or mood for whatever I am writing and working on. I know some people however, that cannot write with any noise at all and cannot stand music in those situations they say they cannot concentrate. Inevitably whenever I write I always have someone come up to me and ask what I am listening too, he know how much i LOVE being interrupted while I’m writing..i don’t at all. Now we all know people like different types of music for situations and reasons. So what works for me while I am writing is NOT the same music I listen to usually when I’m doing something like studying for college …yes there is some crossover to varying degrees but it’s usually different. Therefore, here are the top 15 songs, artist, or albums that I listen to while I am in the writing state of mind.  Keep in mind as time goes on eventually interests change but these have tended to hold the test of time for me. I also provided video’s for those who are not familiar with the music, the video is below the description and i do not own these videos they are courtesy of



15 Timing is everything – Garret Hedlund…Not a song most people know and it is from a soundtrack. I like the raspy old school feeling in his voice. However, I like the story the song tells about loss and fate and what might have happened or not because of choices and fate. For as much as like this song it was tough for me to put it on my writing list it was a tie really between this and 3 other songs.

14. (Sitting on ) the dock of the bay By Otis Redding. Does not make much sense does it…but I love it and for some reason it really clicks when I am in the writing process.

13. Redhouse – By Jimmie Hendrix…This is a great song that always seems to come up for me when I’m either in a rut while writing or flowing very well and either way it helps me get back going or stay going. I love the guitar far more than the lyrics though cant really explain why…but its Hendrix so who gives a shit right!

12. Make you feel my love – Adele “19”…I have several version of this song and I like them all. Moreover, it was a tough choice between this version and the Garth Brooks version, which is one of my all time favorites. However, when it comes to purposes of writing I usually use Adele’s. Her voice is unmatched and soulful and this version (hers) puts my mind in a different emotional place then the Garth Brooks version does. In my perfect world I would have loved to hear Frank Sinatra sing this song. Her album 21 is also something I listen too when I write due to it being very emotional but just gets an honorable mention on my list

11. Come back to Sorrento – By Dean martin “memories are made” album. I have heard this song done by many an artist but I love deans version since he sings mostly in his dirty Italian. You can feel the sadness and hope pouring threw his voice and the lyrics.

10. You don’t know me By Michael Buble –….There is again many reason I like this song. But I think Michael Buble’ brings a certain kind of charm and class to the song. This is a nice chill sing about loss and love and is a great song to listen to while I write.

9. Gimme some lovin by the Spencer Davis Trio….there are many reason why I like this song and why it ranks where I does. But I just like the upbeat sound of the song, it is in all reality a love song and it’s not often you here a upbeat and fast tempo love song that stands the test of time usually they are slow. I usually play this song when I am attempting to edit my writing…I say attempt…this is why I have an editor lol. Regardless it is just a fun old song that I grew up on that I still love.

8. The Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack…With the exception of two songs that I am not too big a fan of this is one of my favorite movie soundtracks if not my favorite. I like the differing styles of the songs and singers on this soundtrack.  Who can’t love a soundtrack with jimmy Durante’s  “As Time Goes by” or  Louie Armstrong “A kiss to build a dream on” or Harry Warrens epic “an affair to remember” or Harry Connick Jr’s “a wink and a smile”…it’s a classy soundtrack for a classic movie.

7. Send in the clowns – Frank Sinatra from the Sinatra Reprise: the very good years. It is one of my favorite songs of old blue eyes. The sound of his older voice is amazing and it just puts you in a certain kind of place of thought and remembering. Ideally, I could have done this list with just Sinatra songs but that would not be fair. I think what I like the most of this song is the intro he does and his raspy sort of voice.

6. The way you look tonight – By Tony Bennet….now don’t be a hater I love me some frank but there is just something about this version I like, it’s just a little different. There is no big band behind him like in other crooner versions it is just him and a piano it’s simple, elegant, and somewhat tender. It is a more laid back and reflective version I think.

5. Always on my mind –Willie nelson….There is just something about the way Willie sounds when he sings this rendition that just breaths pain, loss and sadness. Most people are familiar with the way Willie’s voice sounds and I think it’s why most of his song are so effective when it comes to emotions of varying sorts.

4. Promentory – BY: Trevor Jones from the “Last of the Mohicans “soundtrack. This is probably one the best soundtracks I have ever heard. However, this song in particular has a nice vibe and dramatic feel that works well. I have a tendency to play this on repeat when I am working on a certain part of story that is more dramatic

3 StardustNow I am a fan of many versions of this song but the three I like best are obviously the Nat “King” Cole version and also the Willie nelson (solo)….HOWEVER I very much the like duet Willie nelson did with Wynton Marsalis on the album “two men with the blue”, it has some great trumpet solos that give the song a different vibe and feel. My favorite version is still Nat “king” Coles however.

2. Memories – By Harold Faltermeyer – From the Top Gun soundtrack. Now as a kid, I grew up on top gun and who don’t remember this song that plays after goose dies and maverick is having his nervous breakdown and rethinking everything including his last poop. Yes the song is a little 80’s with the synthesizer and such but it’s like an 80’s classical song.  It just gets you into sort of a reflective mood. As I said, don’t judge since I was hard pressed not to include the top gun theme song in this list.

1.  It never entered my mind by Miles Davis -. NOW there are two version that I like and the differences are sometimes subtle and sometimes not. I like the original from his 1959 epic “working with the miles Davis quartet” since its uncut and just out there and natural and the piano is more subtle and the horns are on front. HOWEVER, I also like the version the Runaway bride soundtrack. In that version, the piano is more noticeable especially at the beginning and there is a better audible balance between the piano and Davis’s horn. If you have no idea who Miles Davis is…well you pretty much suck at life.

1959 recording

The other version

All of these songs, artist and or albums have inspired my writing and continue to do so. YOU would be amazed how much better your writing can get if you just have some good music to listen to while you are doing it. On another another note if the play the two Miles Davis songs at the same time they sound like a cool duet sort of because of the difference in playing styles between the two.


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