The end….

Endings are always hard no matter what

It feels weird a little…after this long. I am sitting here working out the last chapter of my novel temporarily called stepson. I have been working on this book on and off for nearly 3 years…sometimes it seems that long and sometimes it seems longer. I remember when the idea came to mind 3 years ago this coming January to write a full novel based on a short story I wrote the previous fall. I remember where I was in lifethen, the people that were in it that no longer are or not as much, the things I used to do, and all the places I have gone to write this thing. I remember sitting there in the corner of the truck stop or a plethora of coffee shops, cup of coffee and cigarette in hand (until this stupid state of Michigan enacted that dumb smoking ban). How many thousands of cups of coffee how many hundreds of cigarettes and how many scribbled notes during the writing of this book i wonder. I would sit there and watch my friends walk by to have coffee, I would smile and wave they; would do the same, occasional hugs or handshakes were involved. They went and did there thing and I would sit in the corner alone and do mine…in my own world. When i started writing this my niece was 2 1/2 years old…her birthday is in a week and she is going to be 6. I am 32 now…i was just 30 when i started this effort and used 3 different laptops in the process. My friend Matt and Tricia didn’t have there son Noah, Amy didn’t have her son carter and my friend Luke and Nessa were not together yet and he had not bought a house yet. and i wasn’t dating Kat or anyone else at that point in time, and i think of the trips and places her and i have gone on and  the things we have done together….a lot has changed.

One of my "offices"
Cannon Beach

   I never really thought I would ever finish it since it was put off so many times recently for school, other writing projects and just time and life. Now as I sit here and try to get this just right so it is ready to go to my editor kate I, wonder what’s next. It has been such a labor of love, effort and time just to get to this point that it seems a little unreal that the end is near for STEPSON. I wonder if other authors and writers feel this way. In an odd way I don’t want to finish it because that means it will be done and complete and soon people can read something legitimate that I wrote which most have only heard about and a only a few have read parts of it and some have questioned altogether. I cannot use the excuse of it not being done or ready soon. It will be out there for the world to see eventually and hopefully people will want to buy or download it. It is the beginning of something I hope to continue and get better at, it’s been a long time since I wrote full novel that I actually wanted to have published. I have more in me than just this novel, more things to say more stories to tell. So ill get back to work now and we will see how this turns out and what happens next.

The truckstop diner
Me up in the UP

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