My UP Blog part 2

 A continuation of my UP vacation blog

Mac Bridge

If a place like Rhode Island can be a state I see, no reasons why the UP cannot be their own. There is a North Dakota and South Dakota (and those two states population is barley double the UP’s) so maybe there should be a Northern Michigan and a Southern Michigan. The two parts of the state have little in common, socially and economically out side of a vacation destination and a bridge in between. The people north of the bridge, their towns, and the pace of life are vastly different from those on the south side of the Mighty Mac. The UP is an area, a life and way of living in and of its own. The people there have little in common with the lower part of Michigan from what I have seen. Moreover, maybe there better for it, maybe they are the true Michigander, the purists, the realists the people who know how to just…. Live.. I guess without trying too hard to live, too enjoy life and what is there right in front of them. It is a place where a backyard full of trees, where waterfalls and streams down the street is better than a mini mall, starbucks or BigB coffee shop. A place where wild animals roam, the weather is cold and most people there like it that way.

Near paradise

The homes with the exception of somewhere like (small) downtown area of Munising, Manistique, saint ignace, Newberry (the areas I was in) were far apart, this is main street USA at its best. Housing developments full of identical and tacky homes have not ruined and scared the natural and amazing landscape of the UP like they have in the southern part of the lower peninsula. The people live with the natural surroundings; blend in as opposed to trying change them to suit their needs and sad social needs and beliefs. Bears, wolves, moose and deer travel where they will and there is not real call for them to be killed (hunting season NOT included) solely because they are inconvenient like wild animals are in west Michigan. The people there like, love, appreciate and respect nature and do not think it is something that gets in their way and should be pushed aside for so-called progress. More specifically the Grand Rapids area I suppose because god forbid a child see animal in the wild and not in the zoo. In the UP kids like and appreciate nature, and get out in it instead of just “learning” about it like the city kids and kids from the burbs from the shitty part of the state.

As I said, I traveled with my dog and most places I went she was welcome and people were friendly towards. Parents did not get stupidly paranoid and hurry their cretins along at the site and existence of my “big” old dog(hound dog mix mind you). One shop I went to the owners saw her (Harley my dog) sticking her head out my car window and told me too bring her in and gave her treats. The small motel I stayed at in Munising (Sunset on the bay) even provided food and water bowls, poop bags, dog friendly sheet and a few snack bones. You do not see this in west Michigan….EVER, this friendly welcoming atmosphere for dogs is something I have not seen since the last time I was on the Oregon coast with my dog.  We all know west Michigan is full of dog haters whether its business’s or apartment complexes or our public beaches. In west Michigan’s gangs run amok, illegal immigrants get jobs and apartments, driver’s licenses, homeless folk wander around downtown Grand Rapids. However, responsible people with friendly-trained dogs are forbidden from going where these “people” are allowed to go to.

The people in the UP, the nature, and the animals, clean and clear water, the water rock formations and woods…. all of it I think is what makes Michigan…Michigan. Not Lansing, not Detroit, not Grand Rapids to lesser degree and certainly not Flint these are holes, embarrassments and eyesores. I think the UP is what really is Michigan, a better part of the state is and how we as Michiganders used to be. It is something that most of the state forgot how to be for the sake of urbanization and industrialization and gross consumerism.  The people in the UP have not seemed to forget who they really are and don’t forget the pasties; I think many down in the lower part of Michigan have. At least the ones that live in urban metropolitan sprawl that they call progress have it seems. To the People in the UP they have their own identity and life that is nothing like the anything you will find south of the bridge. I got a lot of writing done up there, had fun with my dog, a lot of peace and actually enjoyed one of the few parts of this wretched state i really enjoy.



4 thoughts on “My UP Blog part 2

  1. To reiterate the third paragraph: I never had a run in with a deer, although there was a time when a family was standing in the middle of the road at night. They didn’t move; luckily, they were on the opposite side of the road. I slowed down and cautiously proceeded, although I had to floor it when the male started walking towards the car and nearly head-butted the damn thing. 😀

  2. Ugh. No offense but I’m sick of Yoopers thinking they are “true believers”. That they know everything of life and how to “really” live. I’m a Detroiter. Born in the city, raised in the suburbs. I went to NMU for 5 years and absolutely loved it! Well, a half of a year was pretty much hell, because of the people in the dorms. I’ve met great folks in the U.P. I’ve also met some not so great people up there. I believe the upper and lower peninsulas are incredibly lucky to have one another. Michigan is my home. It is the greatest state in the country, in my opinion!

    Most people love to bash Detroit and other ailing towns like Flint and Benton Harbor. I, for one, adore the D because I understand what it’s been through and whenever I’m in that city, overwhelming thoughts/feelings of the past rush through my body like Superior water. There’s not a city on earth like our Detroit. Not a city on earth that has had such an impact on the world. Not only did we create the auto industry but Ford also invented charcoal and military planes (which gave way to commercial airlines). But the auto industry may never have survived if we didn’t have the Yooper miners. Did you know that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had places in Big Bay? They loved the U.P. just as much as its citizens.

    My brother claims that one is more likely to hit a deer in Washtenaw county than in the U.P. It’s hard to believe but I kinda do, considering he’s had a very close run in with one. While, myself, I’ve traveled to da U.P. and back over 20 times to Marquette and back; Marquette to Chicago/Milwaukee and back. North of the bridge is my second home and hopefully I’ll be able to own a home up there.

    What I will agree on is the fact that the lifestyle is much different from Michigan’s urban areas. But isn’t it like that all over America? My Uncle owns a farm just south of Alpena and man, is that a different world from where I grew up. The fact is, Michigan has some of the best and worst (sadly) areas of the country. And I’m proud of it all!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog nick, i suppose your right in that every part of every state has its bad and good points points. Even though i am not a fan of the city of the Detroit (sorry too many bad experiences) i can appreciate the home town love though i mean lets face it Detroit kinda made Michigan what it is. i would take Detroit over flint and muskegun any day though. i think that’s one of the things that many people in Michigan have about there own town; that certain level of pride and love for it. I think however many other cities have had a greater impact on the world historically than Detroit (Paris, Hong kong) but the area should be up there for sure without a doubt, its effect has been gigantic. I’m over in grand rapids and i hate it here almost as much the lower half of the lower peninsula. Like i said in the blog the UP is great but i would take Oregon especially the Oregon coast any day over Michigan but i suppose that’s what i get for living there and around the pacific northwest for several years. However even being out there i did find myself missing certain parts of “home” i guess. As far as the deer go, i would totally agree i only saw 6 the entire time i was up there but have seen around 5 times that crossing the roads in the last 3 days over here around Kent and Ottawa counties, probably just lack of people to drive them and less roads. Since you travel up to the UP you know how long the roads can be…so i would imagine that gives the deer enough time to get out of the way lol. I would rather hit a moose then a deer any day of the week. This past issue of the Smithsonian had a great article on the UP here is the link for you so you can read it. Thanks for the reply i see people read these but not too often do people actually write a decent reply to something….much appreciated.

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