My writing/roadtrip vacation dilemma!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of may I am going on a little vacation that is very needed.  The plan is to be inspired, see some cool things (hopefully new things), relax a little do some good hiking and take some sweet pics and find my focus and do A LOT of writing. I am hoping to finish the final chapters of the one novel I have been working on for awhile (Stepson-working title) so I can finish the editing process. Then  do some more writing on the new novel that is learning to be a little harder to write. Plus I will be doing work for an online class I’m taking through GVSU for the first part of the summer.

Initially my plan was the west coast of Florida since I have family there and stopping in Gatlinburg TN for a day but plans changed on that against my will. However I was also looking at 2 road trip options from where I live in grandville Michigan.

One option which is the one I am more or less planning on was going up and traveling around the UP for a few day with my dog Harley. I spent allot of time there over the years since i was young BUT there is allot of things and places I have never been to and only recently heard of and want to see and its really the only part of the State of Michigan I really enjoy being in. Plus Harley and I haven’t been to the UP let alone a roadtrip in a very long time. There are a few places that are a must for me but i want to something new….or at least something i cant remember seeing at one point in time.

My other option is the great state of Maine, I have never been there except an airport in Portland and I have always wanted to go there and see there coast and adventure around. Now the quickest way would be driving through Canada but since I cant get passport in time I have to go the long way around which isn’t a far drive compared to when I drive out to Oregon or Idaho and back to Michigan or even when i was going to Florida . Yes going along the southern edge of the great lakes will cost a little more in gas but it could be doable. I thought about camping in Maine as opposed to a hotel which would cost more but have no idea what camping is like there at the end of may. I don’t want to spend ass tons of money on this trip and want to get a large amount of writing done. My concern with going to Maine is that i”m going to want to do so much and see so much(since Ive never been there) that I wont get enough writing done which will defeat the main purpose of the trip.

I don’t know a whole lot about Maine is it worth the drive to be able to only spend about 4 full days there before I head back to Michigan. IS there like 5 things a person HAS TO DO WHEN VISITING MAINE  I am open to ideas and suggestions here on this road-trip vacation of mine. Anyone know of any cool interesting things in the  UP of Michigan or Maine, suggestions on things to do and see. I would be grateful. I wish I didn’t have to have a passport just too drive thru Canada.


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