There is a lot that goes unsaid with me…a lot that I don’t talk about. Somethings it’s because I can’t or don’t want too, we all have parts of our past better left where it is long ago and far away. But often with my writing whether it’s private things that no one sees or public stuff that I let people read I say things about myself. And the things I say, talk about or include in my short stories, novels and random thoughts on here often have aspect of things I want to say but cannot or do not know how to say out loud. Thoughts, feeling emotions, places, experiences that I can’t figure out how to vocalize correctly to real life people appear in everything I write even if it’s not obvious that I am doing so. And sometimes I don’t even realize I have done it myself till I re-read it again. So if you want to know about me, and how I feel pay attention to the things I write and how say things, not what I say but how I say it or describe things…I am a riddle wrapped in enigma wrapped in pandoras box buried in the ground


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