Being a writer

I think sometimes writers get too caught up sometimes on the mechanics of being a writer, focusing on the proper ways they were taught in high school or college. More so i think when it comes to fictional writers of novels, short stories or even screen plays. I am let this be known now not a consummate professional, i am not Nicholas sparks, David baldacci or Steve berry. And maybe I will never be, maybe i will just be a mike or Michael Melville…I’m pretty OK with that. But when it comes to writing and school i sit and read many thing the younger kids in my classes write about. And Ive seen things some “professional” writers write about and in both cases the stories and words are as lifeless as a dead cat in the road. Obviously grammar and all that come into play but its not what makes a good book worth reading. No one ever picks up a book and loves it because the high quality of  the authors use of grammar and Ive never heard someone say “wow he should have used a different prepositional phrase or verb in that sentence”…anyone who says they do is a fucking liar. The stories and books we remember are the ones that have interesting stories and not just likable but believable and characters people can relate too, ones we can connect with in there everyday life even in small ways. At least those are the ones I like

A girl I know who recently graduated from a four year college holds herslef as an expert on anything french and can go off a tangent about some obscure french novel written 100 hundred years ago by an author that no one has ever heard of and and how it relates to some archaic poltical message of today that she believs in. But this same girl cannot relate to a human emotion in anything written recently like something written by sparks or even mark twain and its quite sad….pathetic.

I have noticed that far too many new writers, especially the young ones, get too focused on the technical aspect instead of the story aspect.  I once read that “no writer can be a good storyteller without living life and having a story to tell” and i also read once that “there is a big difference between writing and storytelling”.  I suppose the thing i love the most about my own writing experiences is the vast amount of life i have lived compared to some people my age and the vast amount of things i can draw from to create a story, not that what i did is better because that would get me in trouble, but mine is now, was and will always be different than i suppose normal people. It doesn’t take take much to tell a story but what is truly hard is to make something out of nothing, to take a part of your life or something you see around you and turn it  into to something different that just what you saw. And whats really hard is telling a good story but that is totally subjective and up to the reader, i think for me…as long as i’m happy with the story i wrote then there probably will be a few out there who are too…and a few is OK.

I also think that one of the things i like about being a writer is that i have to look at life in a different way than a normal person with a normal job. And as a writer i have the ability to create my life the way i want it to be and not because of some way society says i have to or should. Its not just in stories i write and the words on the paper but how I walk through this world.


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