So In class this week i made one of a few major messups but this one is huge for me. I have a class in computer lab on wednesday and i had my 1g jump drive plugged into the desktop I was using so i could print stuff off on the schools dime. When class was over i packed my stuff up and took off not realizing until tonight i left my jump drive plugged into the desktop in the lab….frick!!!!

I had a few things on there for school like a paper that i am working on which i am lucky enough to have the same copy saved on my computer. But one other thing on there that worries me most is my current novel which was nearly finished…yes all of it. Yes I have most of it backed up onto an external hard drive….however its only up to chapter 23 and not the whole chapter 23 there is like 2 pages or so thats unfinished. Sounds like not that big of deal right just two pages?….

Well friends…i also had chapters 24 and 25 fully completed and done and a chapter 26 thats 3/4 of the way done….I only had 2 more chapters to write more or less after that if I stuck to my train of events and story line ideas…..double frick. It was some supreme writing if i say so myself. And yes i could, can and probably will have to rewrite all of those chapters…. but the thing that bothers me the most is that there is a mostly finished but UNEDITED and not final copy of my novel floating around somewhere at Grand valley state university. It has my story line ideas, my outline, character outlines all that shit which yes i have copies of but still. I do not have great faith in people in general an im hoping i am able to find the jump drive, or campus police or the IT dept  finds it and hoping someone honest finds it and turns it it. I called and emailed the “powers that be” tonight it hopes of finding it with no luck.

I am hoping some lunatic doesn’t find it and try to pass it off as there own because i may in fact kill them or sue them for all there worth, but that’s worst case scenario i think. I would be fine i suppose if  some dickhead kid did find it and just deletes all the files and uses it for the own use. I am really hoping this turns out OK and really hoping i don’t have to violently attack some dbag kid.

Im so pissed right now because im usually really careful with that particular jump drive….dammit all..


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