It really breaks down to pure laziness pt.2

As I said earlier I look at the online shelter websites, classified ads and magazines that help good dogs find good homes or hopefully they do but it is not always the case. I look at the different breeds the varying situations, and I see, and hear allot of bullshit complaints and sad and nearly pathetic reasons as to why these dogs are at these shelters and kennels.

-dog adopted 8 years ago returned to the shelter because his owners had a baby and didn’t want to be bothered by him anymore-

-dog up for adoption because his owners moved and could not bring her with them-

-sweet dog up for adoption because his owners moved and didn’t feel like dealing with a dog anymore-

-wonderful dog up for adoption because she is “to hyper”

-“please adopt our dog we decided to start a family and there is not a place in our lives for a dog anymore”

-dog needs a home because his previous owners felt he got too big(cocker spaniel)

-dog up for adoption because previous owners didn’t feel like taking the time to train her

These examples are from one magazine and one website but I have seen these same “excuses” multiple times in multiple places.

Recently I became aware of a “family” that is getting rid of their dog that they have had for years because there in school full time and have a kid with another baby on the way… really REALLY!!! Maybe they should have thought of that before popping out one kid let alone two while there in college.  Maybe there lives were a little too complex already to even think about having a kid….maybe instead of getting rid of the part of their FAMILY that was with them the longest they should have put their first kid up for adoption and used birth control, you know since there so “busy” and all.

It is a great example of how sad our country and species has become, and how pathetic and lazy many people have gotten. It is sad that some people….far too many people see their dog (or cats I suppose also) as something that can be just tossed away and aside like a piece of garbage. That once the dog is not a puppy and becomes a full-grown dog that it can be just given away. That because there life is changing, a move or a job change that the first thing to go is there family pet or pets. In allot of cases these dogs have been with these people, these families for years and years….their whole lives. Nevertheless, once life gets hard and tough the humans toss the thing aside that is perhaps one of the simplest things in their life to deal with, the least time consuming.

I find it personally disgusting and pathetic when a “family” gets rid of their dog because they decided to have kids. It makes me wonder about their stability as parents since there so willing to just willy-nilly toss aside their family pet for the sake of their kids. I suppose I could maybe understand it if the kid was a medical wonder and was born with allergies (that showed right away) to dogs and definatly if the dog turns violent towards a child. A dog is not complicated to have in your life, you feed it, walk it, interact with it, take it go to the bathroom and to the vets so it not like the dogs needs constant supervision unlike some little needy ass kid.

When a dog gets too old or to real sick we as humans think it is perfectly fine to put the dog to sleep and I get that. However if a child or an adult is terminally ill we get all up in arms about the whole euthanasia thing, “how dare you take away a person’s life…they have a right to live”….even though there already dying.

Ok so what about those dogs in the shelter that are not lucky enough to be adopted…WELL I’ll tell you if there in a kill shelter they are KILLED.  I am not talking about a mean dog that bites, I’m talking about puppies, pregnant female dogs, golden retriever, black labs, cocker spaniels, terriers and other common breeds….they get killed too. And most people don’t give too shits about that and have no problem with that.

Dogs learn to rely on the people in their life and whether “humans” want to realize it or not or believe it or not for those of us that have dogs we DO rely on our dogs ALLOT!!!.  Dogs, our dogs are there for us when were sad and cold, they make us laugh and entertain us. In addition, they give us a loyalty that is rare to find in that same degree with another human being. Our dogs except us for whom and how we are and do not judge. However, far too often the dogs, our friends and companions are the first to get pushed aside by “some people”  when life gets “real”, hard, busy, and difficult. When did man’s best friend become the cast away and the first to be booted from the island?

Remember that scene from the movie “Marley and Me”, the one where Jennifer Aniston’s character just has a miscarriage and she was sitting on the couch crying. Do remember what the dog Marley did, he went and laid his head on her lap and she hugged him while she cried. Dogs have the ability to understand human emotions like sadness and anger and not just understand but empathize. However, to put it in an easier way for some of you simple people, dogs know when we just need a hug and they like to do it.

I have always believed there is a special kind of hell for two types of people and those are child abusers and dog/animal abusers.  To some there is a real big line between beating or going “Michael Vick” on a dog and giving a dog up for adoption. However, for me I do not think that line is that big, I think it’s blurred and in some cases nonexistent.  The mere fact you are born a human does not make your life any more valuable than that of a dogs. If someone were to bring their bastard child to a shelter because there life “got too busy”, people would be up and arms and the person would be taken to court and thrown in jail. HOWEVER, when people do it with a dog it is perfectly FUCKING acceptable and socially fine.

To me there is little difference between the guy from Idaho that beat his dog to death and the family that gives there dog away or brings it to a shelter because there “moving” or “busy”. The fact they send their dog packing because there too lazy to take responsibility is just a another from of animal abuse in my eyes.

I think anyone who wants to be a parent should have to take some sort of test and fill out an application to determine whether there fit enough to be parents of a human child. The reason they should is that if you want to adopt a dog from shelter you have to do the same thing. When you go to a shelter to adopt a dog some lazy piece of shit gave away and did not want you have to jump through goddamn hoops just to get a dog from there. So I think people that want to become parents of a human child should have to do the same thing. Just because they can be parents does not mean they should be parents and far too many people are having kids these days, and a there’s great many that should not EVER have kids that do.  I see little difference between a dog and child as far as being a part of the family and there importance to the family.

I have moved all over the country and traveled often. On every move I have ever made my dog Harley was there with me and didn’t really complicate the movie or make it any harder. When I travel, I bring her with me as often as I can and some of my best vacations and trips were the ones where she was with me. SO the people that use those excuses for having to get rid of their dogs are liars and pathetic lazy assholes. In some places, dogs are not allowed like some campgrounds and hotels so those places do not get my business. It sucks because I would love to go camping or stay at hotels that allow dogs but do not allow children at all. But that is illegal, apparently that whole “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” line from the declarations of independence only counts for those with kids and not people that are smart enough to not have kids or CHOOSE not to have kids. Apparently, there is in fact a huge bias against people with dogs.

Harley and I always make due, and we always come out on top even with the struggles. I think to a large degree the only reason I have stayed sane through some of the things I have done and dealt with is because of her. I am not ashamed to admit her being my dog and in my life has saved my life more than once figuratively and literally.

So  that is something you people who are thinking of getting rid of a part of your family for one of your various, moronic and generally pathetic reasons should think about before you do it.  Moreover, think about what is REALLY going to happen to that poor dog once you drop it on the side of road or at a shelter, not what you WANT or HOPE will happen but the reality of what WILL happen. In most places in the country, there is only an 25% chance that dog will be adopted. It is even worse in some places the minute you walk out that shelter door they will lead your dog, your family pet, your kids friend, something that loves YOU…a member of YOUR FAMILY that YOU gave up on to a small room. They will stick it with a needle and kill it right away because they do not have the time, resources or energy to try to find it a home. It will be tossed in a black garbage bag and sent out with the garbage. Yes this is how it really happens.

The biggest problems with many dog owners I think are that they only see their pooch as a dog and not a member of their FAMILY, which it very much is. Hey guess what?…they think of themselves that way even if you don’t. Any situation can be dealt with and too many people are just lazy sad fucks that think it is easier to walk away and forget about their dogs.

For me the only difference really between a dog and a child is opposable thumbs and a more advanced voice box. I’ve see dogs with more personality and intelligence than ALLOT of children.

And to the people that are okay with that whole thing and still don’t give a shit…..

….I hope for the day that I can walk away from you and maybe your kids too while your dying because I will do nothing but laugh in your damn faces.

-Please note that i am not anti kids generally, i am anti horrible assholes who use any excuse there pea sized brains can come up with just to ditch a great dog. I dont think people should not be allowed to have kids, but i do question the ability of someone to be a parent when they willingly THROW away another living creature


3 thoughts on “It really breaks down to pure laziness pt.2

  1. Well i get putting a dog down if you have to for health reason, u dont approve of dogs getting put down or up for adoption because there owner is just lazy. Not all shelters are kill shelters but sadly in this country there is still a large many of shelters that do kill the dogs and dont give people allot of time to try and rescue them or adopt them.

    As far as bitching its what i do best, however if my circumstances were differant and i had my own place i would totally be about fostering a dog, that is something i have wanted to do for a long time actually its just never worked out that to where i could. I do like the suggestion of helping out at a shelter, that is something i may take and run with

  2. oh, and i would also like to add that instead of bitching and pissing and moaning about things like this why not turn these thoughts into actions. why not go down to a shelter sometime and volunteer some of your time. Make the life of a dog who had a rough start a little better. You would be surprised how good it will make you feel to make a difference to an animal like that. Or even better why not foster a dog to give it a better chance at finding a good home. Dogs that are fosters have a greater chance of finding a home due to the socialization and the fact that it gives it a chance to show its true behavior so it becomes a better fit for a family. Just an idea…but seriously…

  3. I agree with you on a majority of this…but lately i have been doing a lot around the shelters here and most of them will find a way to make room for any good dog possible..whether it be through fostering or through a rescue for those prgenant females and other dogs you listed….so just because its a kill shelter doesnt mean that there is a huge possiblity that the dog will be killed for no reason. only if it is aggressive past the point of rehabilitation or it is so sick that there isnt much of a chance at recovery with a good life quality.

    And the Euthanasia thing…well I’ve had to put a dog down and I was beside him the whole time..and knew it was his time to go wagging his tail the whole time. But I also think that if an old person is sick and wants to go…that help isnt always a bad thing…but thats just my opinion

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