Schedules and getting anxiouse!!!!!!!

OK so as far as my current novel goes I have 4 more chapters to write. But with school as i have said before i am having issues with scheduling my time to get the novel written AND do my work. And was thinking tonight after going over some new publishing options after reading some intriguing email that i really need to set some time frames in stone for myself. Even if it causes a little more pressure i tend to work better under pressure…generally…or i get pissed. So…

Here is what I came up with. I am giving myself one full month to finish writing the last four chapter. Then I want to have it edited in no less than A full month and half from that point(maybe allow two full months if needs be). That hopefully should give my talented editor Kate time to edit the remaining chapters she don’t already have and me time to get cracking on fixing any errors and rewrites i have to do from what she already has done.

It could be too much of a push considering the class work i also have but I think i can get it done in that amount of time. The reason i want to stick to that time frame is because if it goes all to plan at the end of those 3 months then i can start or finish on the publishing end of it. Another reason is that I want to get started as soon as i can on my next novel which i have techinally already wrote the first two chapters of. This one may not be as long as the current novel…or it could be longer, but its a differant subject style for me and more of an emotional journey I think. Needless to say im very excited about the new novel and very exicted to finish the current one and get it published and out there for everyone to see and read, especially for a few naysayers out there.

Feb 1 is the staring day for the process of finishing the last 4 chapter of the current one. Then the end of April hopefully wont come too fast for me….wish me luck. I hope someone is interested in reading this thing i’ve been working for over 2 years now.

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