Its a new semester

Another semester started this week in my back to college experience. My classes and profs seem fine i guess, I’m not really excited about any of them and they are what they are. I think I see it now like you would a job that you have settled into and have been at for awhile, you do it until its over or you move on. The luster and excitement if there was any about going back to college is gone. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad I am but its far from exciting and maybe a means to an end at this point. I think my Russian geography class is going to be by far my favorite. In my oceans class today which is my science class i HAVE to take regrettably, the professor asked us to write down where certain places were around the globe to test our knowledge and she as well as i were saddened that only 3 people including me knew where the Galapagos island were…how can you not know that. Its sad and even sadder that some of these kids are juniors….yeah and of course they think there all sorts of smart and stuff….yeah whatever.

But for me this semester is going to present an issue. Until the past few years my business has been coffee shops and the coffee business but over the last several years i have been working on my writing and developing my own style and theme. I have written books before and never had them published for a few reasons. But over the last 2 year i have been working on many many short stories and 1 novel that i am treating like my baby. Some of that novel and maybe 1 or 2 short stories are posted on word press. But my issue with this semester is trying to find the time to finish the last 3 -4 chapters or so of this current book as well as get all my class work done which all have a fair amount of writing to be done in them…where do i find the time, how do i find the time.

I’m not like the majority of people I go to college with, I’m not a kid with little to no responsibilities in life other than going to school and maybe a PT job and partying and mommy and daddy pay my bills. I have my own bills, responsibilities, things i try to do to help my girlfriend out with at her house, spend time with my dad, my 5 year old niece i have been helping raise, my friends that i don’t see often but were all busy adults now, chores and housework, work, some sort of exercise and other things that weigh on my mind on a daily basis that I am not at liberty to discuss. Then throw writing this novel and my other “real” writing in and its get busy, complex complicated. I’m not 18-23 or so and trying to figure who I am and what I want with my life, i know who I am and what I want….I don’t need to play a guessing game with my life for the most part.

To make matters worse I started on a new novel which I’m very excited about and I’m 2 chapters into writing that….fml.

Now if your new to the blog I’m going back to college for a degree in journalism, its more of a back up and not my life’s goal….but its there if i need it. And I’m not one of those people that are gonna showboat my degree when I’m done and walk around like I’m better and smarter than people because i spent 4 years or more  in school for a journalism degree…it doesn’t make me special, no degree makes anyone special i suppose, i mean millions of people have degrees so there not that special…..what you do with your life as whole makes you special…I don’t see why anyone gets uppity and a boner over being considered an intellectual and just because you went to college doesn’t mean your intellectual, Ive met a few people that are more intellectual than some college grads with degrees. I’m not going to school to be a writer exactly , because any author (fiction writers i suppose) will tell you that a college degree is not necessary to be a writer or even a good writer, a few have told me that in advice I sought out out from them. Maybe it will make me a better or refined writer perhaps.

I think the whole idea of having required classes is bullshit and just a way to bilk you out of money. I have a required writing class this semester and its meant to more or less help me write better while in college when it comes to my papers and future classes…..horseshit waste of time!!!!. A creative writing class, character and storyline development class would be far more beneficial to me and my own personal goals, I could give a rats as about a research paper.

I do have to laugh when I see these kids and hear them freak out over having to write a 5-10 page paper or even  1500 word paper….i can do that shit sleeping and drunk on NyQuil and have it sound amazing, or in the words of my girlfriend “baby you can write that much standing on your head”.  I am a writer and a coffee man its what i do and who i am, I’ve always liked to write and I’ll always like my coffee.

I hope i can figure out some way to allow myself more time to work on my novels and my other writing this semester. Those matter more to me than the college degree, i did quite OK without one before but i would like one just for the sake of having it so I’m not taking it lightly. I don’t want to have to pic and choose. i just need to get through college until the end of next fall than I’m taking a whole semester off to do nothing but write and edit and we will see what happens then.


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