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Ok so its been nearly the first month of bring back in college, the experience so far as been…well unique to say the least and could possible work itself into portions of another novel someday.  For those of you that do not know, I chose to go to a four-year university for college as opposed to community college or a technical school.  There are many reason for this but the biggest being i am not looking to really replace something in some field of work, i did the coffee thing along with a few “other” ventures and i was good at those things and as I always say i may go back eventually. BUT now and I am looking for something new and different, im not looking to maintain but im looking to build something new and different or try….not necassarily better though. I’m going for a BA in journalism, which in the end i hope adds to if not enhances my aspiring career as a fictional novelist. The degree for me is a back up tho a just in case sort of thing, anyone that believes they need to go to college to be a novelist is nothing more than stupid and that is why i am going. I’m not knocking people who go to community college by any means but i think as an adult you have to put up or shut up and go all or nothing if going back to college becomes a necessity or a needed piece for you future. And what is the point of going to a community college as an adult, to get retrained…..well more than likely you’re going to have to go back again anyways the next time your chosen industry takes a shit so why not suck it up and go to a four-year college, why do the same thing and why not try something new. Not everyone is ok with being a dental tech, or a Rn or something like you see advertised on TV when there an adult and NEED or WANT a change. People say four-year degrees are to expensive, i checked am going to be paying less than some people who pay to go to one of those tech schools you see on TV, which im sorry are nothing more than scams.

 I choose generally to not associate with most of the student population as i can with the exception of a few people who seem to be all right, i think one person from each class perhaps. I’m not some bright eyes 20-year-old looking to party, hookup and enhance my social life. Anyones who’s knows me knows that i am far from social and don’t enjoy the company of people except for a select few. 

But im not gonna lie, this college thing is not easy, ive had to change my sleeping habits, make exceptions in some parts of my life and learn to study better than what i ever remember doing 10 years ago or more. Even for as much as i have learned about life and how it really works since my last stint in college fulltime (1999-200) . I have learned a 1 or 2 things already that i didnt know but more than anything i have found things that expanded my knowledge on subjects that i am quite familiar with. So i would assume i will learn a few more things in the 4 years.

 So far i failed 1 quiz in one class(my greek myth class) because i wasnt sure of the expectations and how to study for it, i learned quick and got an A on the next one…thank god the prof drops our lowest quiz grade. And maybe one more in my music fundamentals class which is the bain of my “back to college experience” so far

 Music fundamentals is well difficult for me since i have no real experience in music outside of listening and singing in the car or maybe karaoke bars sometimes lol. It is supposed  to be a beginners coarse but yet he(the prof) went right in on the first day to teaching things that i have never heard of or have any knowledge of. It’s not so much don’t I get it at all but I need to get it on my own terms and in my own way and he moves forward so fast in class with things that I get confused and it sucks. When i get home and study or do required homework i figure it out on my own in my own time and it seems to be ok. I suppose if it wasnt so late in the game i would not take this course but im still shooting for a b-/c  in the class for my final grade…and im gonna have to bust my ass to just get that.

I think my jazz history class is my favorite by far since i am a huge fan of jazz music, the prof is new to the school and is still finding his way…i think this may have been his first job as a college professor, and it is also weird that i am older than him. BUT he has great knowledge on jazz and the history jazz, ive heard or at least am familiar with a lot of the performers and musicians that were studying so its alright with me….the down fall is that this my 8am class and i am still waking up by the time class starts. I suppose  the benefits with this music class versus the other shittier music class is that  in jazz history the prof uses actual music as examples of things he’s talking about to try to get the point across, where as in the other one the prof just puts notes of some variation on the board and says “this does that, and this does this and this is what you get and why” and for those of us with little to no musical background we are lost most of the time, visualization even with the ears works great. Like in the music fundamentals class today he was talking about some shit called “compound duple meter” but he used Joe cockers version of  “a little help from my friends” to help us understand what it was, he then compared it to the beatles version of the song which was done in some shit called “simple duple” meter.  I would not have gotten WTF he was saying or trying to expound upon if it wasnt for the two varying examples of it. I wish the prof for music fundamentals would do this more, it makes things way easier.

My criminal justice class is still very interesting and its interesting to hear the kids in class give their opinions on subjects that they know little to nothing about but still feel their opinion counts and is relevent….oh ot have no realistic knowledge of the working of the criminal world or the grown up world. This class has only met 3 times since it’s a 3 hour class, so i am sure it will get more interesting along the way and i have my first exam on monday yaaaaa…but seriously im not concerned at all.

My girlfriend Kathy as been a great help so far even just when it comes to positive “reencouragement” lol

I will be glad when i get these gen ed bullshit classes out-of-the-way, and get to the real stuff as far as writing goes.


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