And it starts…

Ok so yesterday was my fist day back at college in many many years. Technically and equally sadly I am a freshmen at grand valley state….at nearly 32….sweeeeet. I wasn’t really sure what i should expect, and in many ways i was not surprised at all. My girlfriend Kat is a super senior there and she helped me with the transition. The classes i took this semester seem to be okay and hopefully will keep me mildly entertained as i waste my time with the “prerequisite” classes i am forced to take for a degree in journalism that i am working towards. Some may wonder why as an adult who has had mild success in my life thus far…”why are you going to a four year college“. Well the biggest reason is i have no interest in going to other more adult orientated colleges for something like a business degree because I’ve done just fine with out a business degree. I have no interest in a health profession job or degree or any of the other “fly by night” jobs you see ads for all over tv. I figure if my girlfriend who is older than i am can do it… so can I.  PLUS i am looking at this college thing and the degree in journalism  as a backup and not the primary goal for a career for my life. I am looking at it as something that is there if i need it to be, a novelist is my more desired career choice.

And as i sat there on a 2 hour break in between classes playing cards with Kat i watched all these fresh faced college freshman walk by on there way somewhere to or from class. I was amused at the mild fear, nervousness and awkwardness that covered these kids faces, even the gate of there walk seemed awkward, nervous and unsure. The ones fresh off the proverbial “teat” of mom and dad, the ones away from home the first time and who only know a handful of people. I sat  before my class’s listening to these just out of high school kiddies expound on the “hard” partying they did the nights before school started and how drunk they got. I even was subject to over hearing a story from a 19 year-old freshman girl tell her friend how she tried anal sex for the first time two nights before and how her “ass still hurt”…..i could not help but laugh and she was embarrassed as hell, as she should be. It would seem as i listened to these kids talk before, during and after class for guys and girls alike that a “easy whore” button must have been bought with there books and other school supplies….i wonder if there parents bought it, or of they were aware they even did.

But all in all it was an interesting day i would say. The only mishap to me personally was spilling coffee on my white shirt on the way to class while i was driving the truck.  I have a jazz professor that’s younger than me by 3 or 4 years . I have 3 out 4 classes that i can be certain that i am the oldest of the students. My  criminal justice class may in fact be the most interesting, since there all mostly freshman who are 18-20, and i found entertaining to sit and listen to them talk about laws and crime and truly believe what they said and thought made any sense what so ever. I found there “educated” views on the world sadly uneducated and when the question about the shootings at Virgina tech in 2007 came up from our professor i was shocked at how many of these kids never even heard about it, it was 3 years ago and NATIONAL NEWS….WTF!!!… what are they gonna do with out there mom and dads nipples to suckle on. But i suppose whats going to make this class interesting as it goes farther along is my…um…unique life experience in this area. I had to bite by tongue the first day a few times especially when the kids (and the professor) were giving there opinions on why people commit crimes.  I agreed with some of them but allot of the opinions i thought were misguided at best and naive at the worst. For most of these kids the worst thing they have ever done most likely is drink underage, smoke weed or ciggs, sneak out of mommy and daddy’s house and maybe the occasional abortion. So i cant respect there opinions on the more criminal side of the world of which they have no knowledge.

I suppose though i am glad i decided to go back to college at this point in my life even i tho feel “ten years late for the prom” sometimes. I am glad tho that i did the things and lived the life i have up to this point. I got the bullshit  and shenanigans out of the way more or less. The last time i was in college full time 11 years ago at this point (half way threw the first week) i had already skipped 2 days of class. Its a serious thing going to college and i think especially going back to collage as an adult. It was a decision i thought about slowly and carefully for a long time and considered the pros and cons of it as opposed to when i went in 1998 and did it because i was supposed to.

As an adult now i know this shits gonna cost me money…lots of money. And money and wise business choices are not something i take lightly or step into easily, so i don’t just look at it as or for the “college experience” like most young kids do. The drinking and partying and bullshit that the younger kids do is so far below me it looks up at the feces i leave in the toilet. To me suppose its not just an investment, but a good business decision that will maybe benefit me someday down the road, but if it doesn’t at least i can say i went and finished and took it seriously. So i treat my classes and everything involved like any other business decision i have made in the past and go about it just as thoroughly, carefully and seriously as have those things i did before. If I’m gonna do this i might as well do it right and  not slough it off like i did in 1998/99 and like i have seen other younger people do.

And if i can fuck with a few kids minds along the way….well that’s just entertainment now isn’t it

But more than anything i think i am excited about this next step and adventure, i like to learn new things and maybe these people at this liberal arts college might be able to teach this old dog something new and useful……we shall see


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