Red Dawn via 1984 and 2010

So hollywood in all the rush to make the “old”…”new” again decided to remake the 1984 cult hit Red Dawn. The original starred a young Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen among a few other forgettable actors and actress like Jennifer Grey(dirty dancing). They were a group of midwestern teenagers that fought off the WW3 invasion of Russian and Cuban solders. The movie brought out allot of politics and American pride and fed off the fears of Russia we had at the time….I never got the Cuba angle myself though. But growing up and as a teenager and even an adult now this movie remains oddly one of my favorites.

But now in Hollywood’s mind its time to re-make that old classic film into a newer “better” version apparently. The new movie has a whole new cast of again mostly unheard of and more than likely forgettable actors and actress’s in it. The new film, according to takes place in Spokane Washington and in the surrounding areas of the northern cascades. Which i think is funny since the movie was filmed mostly in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. Now I lived just over the border from Spokane Washington in northern Idaho for a few years and the area surrounding that city and the area around Detroit is so vastly different its worthless for me to explain how other than just saying MOUNTAINS and NO MOUNTAINS. Oh Hollywood I’m real interested to see how you pull this one off and make it look realistic. In this remake the CUBANS are replaced by the Chinese who fight and kill along side of the Russians who attack us to seemingly “free” our society from our democratic government and takes place in modern day USA.

Now whether or not this NEW version will work or not is beyond me, i think no personally but ill probably see it just so i can rant about how bad it sucks at a later date. But here is the other way I’m looking at this new film….

…When the ORIGINAL  came out in 1984  it struck very strong cords of American pride and fighting for our country. The threat of Russia attacking us was  very real still at the time, the cold war was still in existence albeit at the late stages but the fear of nuclear attack or otherwise was something EVERY American was aware of. We were brought up with that fear or the possibility and the fear of the Russian and of communism as were our parents and grandparents who lived threw the beginning and heart of the cold war. It was something we (ALL AMERICANS) could relate to at the time, a real worry that was there…..

….But now its been 26 years more or less since the ORIGINAL movie came out and allot has happened in those 26 years.Back then Hollywood knew its target audience would “get it” and go see the film in the theaters. And the political and psychological affects from that movie reverberated throughout our culture in this country…it made us wonder “what if”

…but again now 26 years or so later, the cold war is just a memory and a thing kids read about  in books in school(i think) and hear about in “old movies“. Someone born after the fall of the Berlin wall or the collapse of communism in Russia would have no REAL idea what its like to live with the fear of being attacked by Russia. If you were to ask MOST kids in there late teens and early 20’s what they would think if Russia attacked us they would be like “why would they attack us, there our friends, that’s a dumb question, that would never happen“. Oh to be so young, dumb and naive about the world but its sort of understandable. Kids in there teens now and early to mid 20’s have no idea what its like waking up worrying about the USA being invaded by anyone let alone by Russia and china….

…Part of the reason the ORIGINAL played so well especially to the youth of the country in 84 was because it played off the long held fears we had as a nation…..

….But what do the kids today have to fear, what have they been taught to fear? besides terrorists and crazy religious zealots, getting caught drinking underage, not getting pregnant or an STD, or not getting caught buying and using illegal drugs…not to much at all. The kids today in there late teens and early to mid 20’s(which would be the main target audience for this ACTION movie) could not really ever get the mindset people in this situation would or could be in….let alone the state of the country. The implied politics and psychological mind fuck that was a possibility to us that are older will most likley be lost on the youth of today….

…In the original the “wolverines” as the high school warriors were called, fought for them, there families and there country….the survival of all 3 mattered to them enough to give there lives fighting for it even in there own small way. They hated the Russian and the cuban and they had for awhile…..

…and in the new movie as i said the Chinese and Russians are the ones attacking us now. And it appears that the Russians are more of a backup for the Chinese. And i wonder, how can young adults relate to this plot line at all?. Most young adults and teens don’t believe we will ever be attacked by Russian or Chinese forces. And most economic analysts say that the Chinese would never dare even if they did have the capabilities because EVERY THING WE BUY IS MADE THERE MOSTLY OR IN PART….they like our money to much basically.

…I’m not aware of young adults today being brought up with the fear of the Chinese let alone Russia. And i don’t think that most young adults even have a good grasp of being even kind of patriotic on the level they would need to be able to understand and relate to this film, its characters or plot line at all. I think they will see it as nothing more than another action movie with a couple of cute guys and hot girls, surrounded by solders, guns, sexual tension and teenage angst. The politics and ideas of the ORIGINAL film will probably be so watered down in the new movie compared to the original so that the kiddies will go out and see it and not have to think to much….

…and that’s what makes me concerned the most for the new movie version…. because those politics and ideas, the FEAR…is what made the ORIGINAL film so good and relate-able to those of the time. The kids today are dumbed down to the bigger issues that we and our parents faced back them…..

….How do you sell the fear and fear of attack by communist countries to a modern day youth that has NO FEAR of that ever happening and could probably care less if it did???

….maybe if they threw in some zombies the youth would understand it more because i think they see a “zombie attack” as a more of a likelyhood than attack by other countries… fucking sad is that!!!


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