New bottle, new look and a new trick by Coca-cola

SO…. the other day me and my girlfriend went to Meijers(a grocery store here  in the Midwest) to  pick some things up for a campfire we were going to have. I was in the mood for pop(soda) something that  I occasionally drink when i am coffeed out . So we walked down the drink isle and saw a bunch of coke one liters on the top shelf….or what I thought was coke 1 liters.

The NEW coke 2 liter bottle

On closer inspection they were actually TWO  liter bottles of diet coke…and newly redesigned two liter bottles at that!!!. They hold the same amount(67.6 Oz) as a normal or traditional 2 liter bottles. But the new one is about and inch or so and the bottle has a smoother shape(to the right is the new bottle) or more streamlined perhaps.

NOW i am a guy that buys shit becouse the package looks cool or is new and interesting…BUT i have an issue with this personally and maybe for other reasons.

I am 6’4″ and weigh about 310lbs at the moment. So I am a big bear of a man…but more to the point i have giant bear paws for hands for real. And when I hold the traditional 2 liter bottle in my hand(as i would with a 20oz or even a 1 liter) it feels awkward and bulky even with my big hands so I could not or rather would not drink it like I would a smaller bottle. BUT with the new coke/diet coke 2liter bottles it is more comfortable, its easier to hold and carry…..kind of like I can with a 1 liter or 20 oz….

Oh Coca-cola and your clever bastards in your  marketing and design departments trying to pull fast ones on people. Many people today are trying to drink less pop not more and i’m assuming in this frail economy soda sales have taken a hit to a degree(although i could be wrong). So what did Coca-cola do, they made there 2 liter bottles look exactly like there also recently redesigned 1 liter and 20 oz bottles in  look and appearances. The top of the NEW 2 liter bottle as you will be able to see from the pics is more gradually tapered and also tapers inward slightly near the base.

Me holding a "traditional" pepsi 2 liter in my bear paw

I know there thinking… i think…. which is “if we make the bottle LOOK smaller, people will drink more coke and buy more coke and buy it more often“….it looks like less even tho it isnt THEREFORE making you think subliminally that there is less liquid to drink so you will drink it faster and more often and drink the 2 liter like you would a smaller bottle!!!!!!!!!.Even slight changes matter to people and there weird view of whats convenient to them and  whats not. And the changes coca-cola made are very subtle and slight as to not cause consumer uproar.

Me holding the NEW 2 liter bottle

Like I said i don’t drink soda that often(personally i have issues with surgery drinks for dental reasons) and many other people do not either, and we all know that soda is unhealthy regardless of what kind it is or what the companies say…yet people believe it still for some reason. Soda makes you fat, gain and hold weight and all that other health crap i pay little attention too but some people do.

So Coca-cola and there attempt to keep selling soda and keep Americans fat are trying to MIND FUCK us into believing we are drinking less. These bottles are way more convenient to hold but like i said…which leads to over drinking. So i would like to say fuck you too Coca-cola and your passive aggressive optical illusion of a 2 liter bottle. I got your number in the store you bastards, I’m not like all the other fat,obese and over weight people in America that just grab blindly at food and drink without looking.

The new COKE 2 liter and the normal Pepsi 2 liter next to each other

-Look for my next blog about cigarette coupons and the fact they make me feel old and undervalued as a 31 year old smoker-


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