Kill the scary evil bears!!!!!

A guy from the town i live in was killed this week by a grizzly bear outside Yellowstone national park. It is creating quite the uproar here in Michigan and i’m not sure why.

When you think about Yellowstone and the area, what comes to mind? Mountains, elk, moose wolves and grizzly bear. The reason people go to Yellowstone is to see nature the way it was….or as close as we can get in to a large degree. People flock by the millions every year to see the same thing…nature at its best and animals the way there supposed to be…wild and free.

When i lived in northern Idaho it wasn’t uncommon at all to see a grizzly bear every now and again up in the mountains, even though the Idaho dept of fish and game says they don’t exist there. But to the hunters, campers, berry pickers, hikers and fly fishers we knew they were there, because we saw them, black bears were even more common. Hell me and my dog harley even had a run in with a grizz  in Farragut state park out there. Its kind of like the DNR in Michigan saying wolverines and cougars don’t exist here even though people see them every year.

So this guy got killed and what did Montana dept of fish and game do…they killed the mother bear and now are trying to pawn the little cubs off on a zoo(yeah because that’s a great life for them…in a stupid fucking zoo), why because a human was camping and got killed.

Animals do not and never will live by the rules of man, we have boundaries and borders…the do not. If an animal, specially an animal like a bear, cougar, wolf or a few others are violent in certain aspects of there lives, nothing is going to make them stop just because a human is around or a human might get hurt.  I am an avid hunter and have hunted in several different places in the country and there animals out there that will kill you if they have to. And this sow bear in Yellowstone that killed this guy had a reason for doing so, namely protecting her cubs most likely. Sure people here in Michigan don’t get that because most people in Michigan are stupid too actual nature, wild animals do not have to explain them selves to people much less why they do what they have been doing for thousands of years. Animals just ACT sometimes, they react to things, that is in there nature and DNA makeup, it shocks me that this bear got killed just because she killed a human. When you are camping out west where bears roam, you are in there turf and you have to respect the rules and the consequences.

I feel bad the guy killed but, its apart of nature. Bears attack, other wild animal attacks happen more often than people realize. Have you ever been buzzed by the bird when you get to close to its nest, robins and blue jays do that all

Mother bear and two cubs in the wild

time…does that mean we should kill all the robins and blue jays in the world, just becouse they may hurt us?

It amazes me that people throw such a huge fit about animals doing what animals do when it interferes with there lives and there notions about what should and should not happen and exist. Animals habitats are constantly getting invaded on by humans because of there weird need to breed like rabbits and build like the Romans did.

This lady i knew when i lived out in Oregon got all pissy and bitchy because her and her husband saw a mountain lion/cougar in her back yard and she was all needlessly paranoid because it might attack her grand kids that visit from Florida 2 times a years. She threw a fit and wanted the state, the police anyone to come and kill it.I think when this lady and her old man moved there from bumbkinville Indiana  she should have realized that the NATIONAL FOREST that her back yard butts up against has OMG WILD ANIMALS IN IT since you know its in the freaking mountains and everything.

Like i said people are constantly encroaching on animals natural habitats. to think these animals are just going to go away because a house or development got built there is absurd. But to say these animals should be killed because humans cant control themselves are is just appalling to me. When i lived in northern Idaho i was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette one day and this big ass moose just wandered down the street from some trees at the end of the street. There were kids playing and whatnot, and guess what people did…they calmly pulled there kids inside or away and everyone just watched this bull moose walk down the street. No one pissed and moaned, called the cops and demanded the thing be killed…why…because this happened frequently, the people out there  (except for the annoying Californians) respected nature an accepted the fact animals may pop up sometimes that could be aggressive. We were cautious and careful but not stupid and not at all rash.  This housing development was only 5 years old or so and before that was the moose’s natural environment and that hasn’t changed, he just walks down a street for a bit instead of through the woods.

Bears have a relatively small area that will travel in, and this campground this guy was in was part of that area. Him and the other humans camping there were on the bears turf…not the other way around.

Maybe more people should be attacked, maybe someones kids should get hurt and maybe humans will finally get that they cant control the entire world and determine every species fate. Ill continue to deer hunt and fish(and yes when i do catch or kill something i eat the meat so fuck you!!!!!!) and continue to respect the natural world and  accept that i am just a part of of it and do not own it and cannot control it.

This female bear was protecting her cubs, so if a human mother kills a homeless beggar while protecting her kids from a PERCEIVED threat than we should kill the mother too and then we can throw the little kids in a zoo…sounds crazy right….well that’s EXACTLY what we are doing in nature and with nature. Last i knew there were far far far less bears in north America than people, its just one dead bear after all right.

I  know lets kill every living thing that might hurt us because someones precocious little child may get hurt or killed because we have more of a right to live than any other animal…..i hate people allot more today. The fact two cubs are gonna get thrown into a zoo is worse than pathetic, there are places for them to go where can live as they would normally with help and when they get older get released into the wild and live as they were meant to, wild and free.

Yeah this a bear in a zoo...looks real fucking happy right....HAPPY TO BE ALIVE AND sleep on concrete all day

Its in a bear nature to kill if it has to, and apparently its in humans nature to just be flat out stupid,  and the people that work for Montana’s dept of fish and game should be fired.


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