“Bo” my little pitt mix friend

Some dogs get bad raps in this world. Some get treated as mean and vicious when they don’t deserve it. usually its the owners faults or the situations these dogs were in or came from. Some breeds also  get more  negative attention than others. Ive seen a Chihuahua or a terrier go crazy and bite someone  more than i have of  a large breed like a doberman, Pitt bull and German Shepard. Yes, i know that sometimes there are “head” issues when it comes to how the dog was bred and what it was bred with that can make some dogs more aggressive than others. But the other day i had an experience with a wandering Pitt bull mix that i thought i should share. In part because the PITT is one of those dogs that gets an incredibly bad and in my opinion undeserved rap in this country.

I was in my girlfriends garage the other day and i had just opened the garage door all the way, i heard something and looked behind me to see a dog, but not just any dog, but a dog that was obviously part pitt bull. …i know my dogs and it was part Pitt. Yes for a brief second my heart jumped when i saw it, my first thought was “OK where the hell are my two dogs at and my girlfriend better not come out side yet”.. followed by “fuck im gunna get bit”. This dog was small probably not much over a year old if that, it was about the same size as my 6 month old puppy hermes who is a beagle mixed with black and tan hound (even tho the people we got him from said he his part labradoodle)…but this dog was a bit beefier…more muscle.  It didn’t seem aggressive or crazy at all, but it was thirsty as hell since it was like 90 degrees outside. It had a collar and two tags and about a half a foot long metal chain covered in plastic  that either it chewed threw or broke. He just kind of followed me around outside and when i sort of whistled at him he came to me right away….ok not so bad so far he seemed behaved. He seemed nervous a little… but more just tired, thirsty and hot. I yelled inside to my girlfriend kat to keep the dogs in the house because there was a dog out here and grabbed my dogs leash. The dog made no effort to attack or even scare me, it seemed like it just needed help. So after my little moment of paranoia i was like “Ok this guy needs help or he is just gunna run away and get hit by a car” so i put him on harleys leash and gave him a cup with water in it. Kat eventually brought out a bigger bowl of water and food which he drank down quicker than shit.


We looked at his tags, according to the tags he had his rabies shot and was also micro chipped BUT upon calling the number for the microchip we learned that it was not registered…fuck. The dog was also neutered(at least someone had brains) So we called animal control and they said they would send someone out to get him. Kat went inside and i just hung out with the dog outside. After we gave it food and water and  he seemed to feel better and was more content. This dog let me pet him, and rub his stomach he licked my hand and at no time showed any aggression. Once he got comfortable with me i checked him for fight marks since Pitt bulls are notorious for being used as fighting dogs for the trash that are into that sort of thing. He was nervous a little… but so were we, Kat more than me tho. Its been year since i saw i dog this overheated, i thought he was gonna pass out.

The dog that I nicknamed “bo” since he had no name tag just sat and lied down next to where i sat and hung out until animal control got there. He would sit on command and even lay down when i told him too so he had been trained to some degree. Even once the cop got there “BO” let me take him off the leash tail a’wagging so the cop could put a different leash on him. he got into the truck with no fight at all. He seemed happy just to not be running around alone and actually have some food and water in his stomach somewhere to lay where he wasn’t hot. I felt pretty good about all of this and if we had not gotten hermes and kat was open to having a part pitt dog(which shes not) i would totally adopt him if his owner’s could not be found.

NOW, how many people would have freaked out upon seeing a pitt bull(part or full) just come into there garage. And i understand that because in the news and on TV we always see stories of pitt bulls that were or are mean and vicious because they were abused or trained for illegal dog fighting. You rarely see good examples of the breed, happy well taken care of dogs..but Even i wondered when first saw him. What if some one else had found him, would they have shot him unnecessarily just out of fear, threw something at him to scare them away. What if he had a home and was just dropped off in a field because the people that had him did not want him, he would not trust people, he would be afraid and defensive so yeah he may have gotten mean if i acted or someone else acted that way.

Did i take a huge chance, hell yeah i did, i could be missing part of an arm or fingers. But when i saw “BO”…. i saw Harley

Harley my oldest dog

my own dog that is a hound mix that i rescued ten years ago from people that were using her mother as a fighting dog. I saw a dog that was hot,thirsty, lost and probably hungry and defiantly needed help. Dogs sense fear, so i got rid of the fear and did what i had to do, people too often don’t do things that they should do because they cant control there fear. IS this a unique experience,maybe i don’t know. But I do know that I helped a dog that needed help and a dog that gave me no reason not to help it. I found a puppy  that had been given the shaft in life possibly.We think this may have been the same dog the neighbors saw wandering around 2 weeks ago.  And I wonder how many other people it came across on this busy street in Jamestown, how many people saw it thirsty and tired and were to busy being afraid of him when they had in all reality no reason to be afraid of him at all. How many other people could have helped him but instead chose not to because of there own selfishness and irrationally uninformed fear.

Its sad that a dog like that just because of his breed instills so much fear and hostility in people.  Abandoned and abused dogs are no different than abandoned or abused human children in my mind. You hit one enough, mistreat it enough and there gunna lash out, sometimes violently….but we don’t put down the human kids when they act up do we… NOPE… but humans have no issue putting down a dog that bites…and rarely ask why the dog bit someone.

It brings up an interesting thought about the world we live in i think. Kids that are abused and mistreated lash out violently sometimes or show other emotional problems. And as a society we choose to get them help and counseling to try and get to the bottom of the problems and fix it. We teach patience when it comes to kids from bad families and abusive homes, we love them and try to show them a better life and a better way in life….but  why are dogs so different. Is it just the superiority complex humans have in there thinking that we rule and control all aspects of life in this world. Maybe instead of killing the dog that bites you or got aggressive with you, you figure out why it bit you and why it got violent, help it and be patient with it show it that you give a damn. And if you cant do that then find someone else that is willing to not be selfish. Maybe instead of killing dogs we should be doing a better job of trying to help them and show them that not all humans are bad and not all humans are gunna beat the hell out of them.

So not too far from here at the harbor human society “bo” sits in a cage with food and water, heat and air conditioning. He is a good dog and maybe someone will stop as they walk by and not write him off because he supposedly looks mean. Maybe, hopefully someone will take a chance on him and get a good dog that is willing to give the same amount of love and respect that he gets.

Any dog breed can be mean, any size dog can bite or act up. The difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t is the quality of humans in there life and the quality of human interaction the dogs receive. Behind every good dog is a loving and responsible owner…and behind every mean or dangerous dog is piece of shit uncaring human being. Don’t blame the dogs, blame the owners….just like you don’t blame the kids you  blame the bad parents they had.

BO…my little pitt mix friend

-There is allot of great dogs out there waiting for a home, they may be a little rough around the edges and not a shiny new puppy and popular breed. But the ones like “bo” waiting for a home would be great addition to peoples families-


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