Who cares about being fare…

War….fighting, battles its in our blood as Americans, its been our way of life since before our country was a country. From the first Indian that white people killed when we first got to this continent to the latest kill in Iraq or Afghanistan. From day 1 life, our way of living has been a fight on this continent and in this world. How many people can go back and find 1 or more relatives that fought and died in one or more of the wars and military campaigns the USA has been involved in, probably most of us. How many of our relatives have bled for what we hold most dear, our freedom and way of life. How many friend have we see go off to boot camp and battle…how many came back?

But now sadly we live in a world full of holier than thou “lets talk about our problems” people, we live in a world where we “talk” about action…but are afraid to take necessary action to fix allot of problems…or rather DEFINITIVE action. Governments across the globe beg and plea for our “help” and our “assistance” when they themselves are unable to control there own problems and crises, even after we tell them how too. But yet they  piss and moan about the way we go about it. Yet even in our own country we have senators, congressman and average everyday people that piss and moan about things like terrorism here and overseas. We have Gangs in our towns, drugs and drug cartel violence flowing over the border, drugs in our schools…but yet THEY want to to “talk” about it, form a panel and talk about what we should do but not do anything worthwhile to take of the issue.

Despite what people think and are too blind too see quite often…we do NOT live in a nice world, and we never have and we never will. And to have hope or belief in anything else like a Utopian society is pure stupidity and dangerous thinking. IF someone wants to have hope then hope you win the lotto because that’s more realistic and gettable than world damn peace. People don’t have wars and battles just for the sake of doing it. Now yes you could make a strong case that modern day wars are based largely on economic reasons…but guess what that’s nothing new. Wars and battles have been fought since man existed. They have done it  for crops, trade routes, gold and silver, borders and yes oil. America didn’t invent war…we just got really good at it, but we had to… other wise we would not be here now, so don’t complain about the tools that we use to get where we are.

Humans are not nice, we are born that way but then life and the hardships of life make us bitter, vengeful, arrogant…and then you throw money or gold and historically religion into the mix and it makes things worse. We get angry easily and blowups happen whether its a fight outside a bar or a gun battle in some shitty desert in iraq or a jungle  in SE Asia or a grocery store down the street.

Fighting is in our blood as humans, its in our sweat our tears our eyes and our hearts and our lives, being genuinely good and nice is not something humans are capable of  being past a certain age. The sooner that we as people except this… the better we will be as a society. We are taught that that kind of behavior is wrong and animalistic, that to hurt someone is mean and to kill them is evil and wrong. As kids we got suspended from school for fighting and as adults we get thrown in to jail. But what if that is just inhibiting our innate behavior as humans, breaking us and making us weak like beaten dogs.

Kids are taught early and adults are expected to be push overs now, to take the bull-crap in life and not put up a fight and just accept it for what it is…and its  inevitability, and that’s bullshit. The strong survive that’s it, either mentally or physically or a combination of the two. Kids have been taught that they have to be fair and nice for along time now in school, in sports everyone gets to play even if they suck at sports…and there told there doing good even when there not…why??? so they don’t get there precocious little self esteem hurt. So then when they get older they think they are deserving and entitled because as they grew up they were told,taught and treated that LIFE IS FAIR AND YOU HAVE TO BE EQUAL…….last time i checked life IS not fucking fair OR NICE and the sooner kids learn the pain and heartbreak of life the better, and the less amounts of gutless adults we will have. Because as these kids grow up and become teenagers and adults they have no idea how to take failure and loss and freak out at the slightest hint of stress…and waste the worlds air.

-loss makes you stronger and pain makes you better, you don’t learn anything from pussy footing around the hard and scary things in life

I am not say just go out and slaughter innocents, you must have cause and reason. But if action is required why should the USA and our people be held to some special standard that other countries flat out ignore that prevents us from doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING  that is required. Take a terrorist, if they attack the USA, our people here or abroad…why shouldn’t we hunt them down and kill them, no trial that costs millions no glad handing other countries governments and patting them on the asses so they feel okay with there own ineptness and worrying about laws, but just flat out hunt them down and kill the terrorists where ever they are.

We have nukes for a reason i think its time to use a couple….in WW2 we scared the shit out of the world when we dropped the first A-bomb…i think is time to scare the shit out of the world again.

The problems with the border of Mexico and all the illegals(from all the countries) that cross over and sneak in like rats everyday and the problems they bring  could be taken care of by a quick simple, kill shot…..yes I DID JUST SAY THAT. They are not citizens, the have no rights here what so ever, they don’t respect America,our people or our laws so why bother taking the time and expense to catch them, and ship them back over just to have to do it over and over and over and over again let alone respect them and there human rights. Lets treat them as terrorists and dispose of them as such. They are invaders pure and simple, and if you think I’m wrong than why don’t they try and come here the LEGAL way. They don’t respect the USA or value it like naturalized or natural born  Americans do so why should we respect them. Am i saying hunt them down….yes i am.

To protect our country and our people in today’s world we have to take decisive action. We must do any and all that is required to keep our people safe.  Forget laws, principles, religion or human rights…the bad people don’t follow rules, the evil in the world will try and do what they do by any means they can…..we know this for a fact.

So we should defend our selves by any means necessary…and i mean any means…

…and yes i can sleep at night thinking this way

-And then i found five dollars-


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