Restored faith in humanity….

So i was driving down the highway(m6) by where i live near grand rapids Michigan today with my girlfriend who i had just picked up from college. As we were driving i saw NOT 1 BUT 2 full-grown golden retrievers walking down the side of the highway…ALONE. I asked her if she saw those dogs and she said she did then she asked what we should do…keep in my mind we are both dog lovers and owners  of 2  and that i personally am not shy about the fact that i prefer dogs over people. I could see in the rearview mirror that dogs were crossing the 3 lane highway(cars did slow down to let them cross) and the dogs were now in the grassy medium and the lead dog was about to try crossing the other 3 lanes of traffic. I was driving so i quickly decided to turn around at the next exit and go back  after them AND hoping i was not to late…BECOUSE PEOPLE IN MICHIGAN TEND TO BE MORE CAT THAN DOG LOVERS AND WOULD JUST HIT THE DOGS AND NOT GIVE TO SHITS AND DRIVE AWAY. So i got turned around and as we were coming up on where we last saw the dogs i saw a pickup truck and a smaller car pulled over on the right side of the road….IN my my head i was “oh man that sucks one of them got nailed” BUT……… i was happy to see the two dogs sitting happily next to the two parked cars with a man and a woman standing next to them putting ropes around them and holding them in place. I think owners should get there asses kicked maybe but sometimes dogs do run away regardless of how good of dog parents they have. This particular highway is very busy and the cars usually go 80 mph  or faster as opposed to the posted 70 mph and if these two lost dogs had gotten hit they most like would have died or left one with an empty spot because his friend or parent was dead.

Some people  in situations like this would have stopped and tried to help for sure …BUT…. most would not because either they don’t like dogs, or have some bullshit irrational fear there gonna get bit or they are in a BIG ASS  hurry to get home to their whiney ass kids and their bullshit after school activities, or just to self-centered and selfish to take 30 minutes out there precious  and empty damn day to help a defenceless animal.

So I would just to say thank you to these people for restoring my faith in humanity  a little bit and saving these dogs lives so I know not all of us are complete bastards.

On a side note tho as we were turning around and heading back to rescue these two dogs hopefully from a bad situation my girlfriend Kathy looks at me and says “you know whats funny is that  if this was a little kid you would not be doing this, but because it’s a dog you will” ….to which i said “maybe for a kid like 10 or younger but only maybe because a kid ten years or older should no better than run and play on highway…..”she called me a bastard” and i said “yea probobly”


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